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How To Rate And Subscibe to The Tech Wellness Podcast

Thank you so much for listening to our podcast.

We are truly honored and we hope you're getting great information that's helping you live happier, safer and healthier with the wonderful technology that we just can't live without.  We know that your ratings and subscriptions mean so much so thank you in advance!

Here's How To Leave A Rating and a Review.

Open Apple Podcast


    Tap the Search tab in the lower right corner of the screen, type in Thriving With Technology, and hit Enter.

    Tap the Thriving With Technology podcast art in the drop down list. (OR click on this link )

    On the next screen, Tap the Stars to leave a rating.

  1. Then Scroll Down To Write A Review: Leave a Title, then the Text.

  2. Tap Send and You'll Get Back To The Podcast--

    And the screen that let's you subscribe so you automatically get our Podcast Tap the 3 dots.

    Then on the drop down just tap Follow

    That's It!  xox

    On your iPhone or iPad

    1. Open the Podcast app.
    2. If you are in the iTunes Store already, great! If not, click the iTunes Store button (upper left corner for iPhone, lower left corner for iPad).
    3. Find the Search box at the top of the screen, type in Thriving With Technology Podcast and hit Enter.
    4. Scroll down to the Podcasts section and click on the Thriving With Technology podcast  (If you fail here is the link  )
    5. To subscribe, click on the Subscribe button near the top.
    6. To rate and review the show, click on either Reviews (on the iPhone) or Ratings and Reviews (on the iPad).
        • You may be asked to enter your password for your Apple ID
        • Click on the Write a Review button
        • If you haven’t written a review in iTunes before, you will be asked to enter a name to be displayed with your review.
        • Click on the number of stars (hopefully 5)!
        • Enter your title and your review.
        • Click Submit in the upper right corner and you are done! The review will not show up right away, but you are all set!
    On Sticher (Android) it’s so much easier!  Simply scroll down on the page where you download the show and give a review. Be sure to click on the number of stars ***** xo

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