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3 Top Instagram Privacy Tips and 8 Ways to Protect from Being Hacked

Instagram is rolling out more features this month! Perhaps due to all the privacy drama that occurred earlier this year with the company who owns them (cough, cough Facebook) most of the features are #privacy related.

Transparency and security is definitely on Instagram’s mind.

There will now be an “About This Account” section that provides users more details about an account. At the moment, this will be for accounts with large followings. This has been Instagram’s pattern with releasing new features—more popular accounts get dibs on new tools. We may see this feature with all accounts in the future but for now keep a look out for this on major accounts you see. This is a way for Instagram to push more transparency from users, too. Large, fake accounts will probably be reported and/or removed.creep blocker

Second, you can now submit a form and request to be verified on Intagram. With this, we suspect it was a “give the people what they want” meeting. In the past, it was simply luck of the draw if your account got verified. There were blogs a plenty with theories on how to get verified easier. Instagram is now putting an end to all that and they will review submitted forms requesting verification before doing so. What’s that sound? Oh, it’s businesses shouting “finally!” across the globe. 


Now for the part Tech Wellness is really interested in: Your Privacy and Your Security.

Cyber security and privacy when it comes to tech is a huge deal for us. We want to share with you the most up to date news and research when it comes to protecting YOUR privacy.

For Those Of Us Who Wanting To Be Stealth and A Bit Mysterious Let's Begin With

What are You Sharing On Instagram?

Everywhere you Go?  Everything You Like Of Another Instagrammer.? Every Picture?   Every Story?

What You Post Becomes Everybody's Business-

What you Share on Instagram can be very public: You Share You in a Bikini to your Friends--Any one of them can screen shot it and share it.  Even if you're account is Private--theirs may not be.  Our Top 3 Instagram Privacy Tips:

#1 Turn Off Your Location

Let's start with your location. Do you really need to tell everyone where you are all the time?

If not, disable location through your iphone or Android under Setting>: Privacy> Location.  Just toggle off.

If you'd rather just decide post by post, photo by photo:

You can add a location to a photo or video you've already shared or edit the location you originally included. To add or edit your location, first tap above your photo or video. Then tap Edit.

  • To add a location: Tap Add Location... and enter the location.
  • To edit a location: Tap the location name, then tap Remove Location or Change Location (iOS) / Select Other Location or tap "X" from Select a Location Page (Android).

#2 Keep Your Activity Private

Do you ever get a little stalk-y and check out what your Followers are liking and posting?  Kinda Creepy.  Well, you actually do have the Controls when it comes to who see's your activity:  First Screen under Settings.  You can access your Insta-settings btw by going to your home page and clicking on the upper right corner. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the Settings Icon.   Go To Privacy and Security

Instagram Settings

To Prevent Others From Seeing Your Activity: Settings> Privacy and Security>Activity Status 

Un-toggle and you my friend, and who you like and your comments will be known only by you and your Insta-friend.

 iphone camera

#3 Hide Stuff Or Not: Controlling Who See's Your Instagram Story

Did you want everyone to see that Instagram Story?  Even your Ex or your mom or that aquaintance?

Each Time you post the story you can decide.

Again you have the controls and you can choose on a case by case basis. 
Settings> Privacy and Security> Story Controls 

And Speaking of that Story and Instagram CAMERA--Did you know that Instagram's Data Policy tells us that Instagram SEES what that Camera Sees and "Collects" It.  Even If You Do Not Post It.  Hmmmmm.   Think about it. It might be time to put a Creep Blocker on That Camera- Peel It off When You're ready for Instagram to watch?webcam cover

7 Ways To Stop Your Instagram Account Safe From Getting Hacked

In the month of August in 2018, hundreds of Instagram accounts were hacked.

Don’t let your account be next. Our tips below

#1 Pick a Fool Proof Password

This goes for about everything tech-based these days. Strong passwords help against hacking, pure and simple. Many users swear by password generators and another great tactic is a sentence that only makes sense to you.

Our Tech Wellness Cyber Security Expert, Bryan Neumeister from USA Forensic told us to start the sentence with numbers--the higher the better.  Here are a couple of examples of strong passwords:



Our IT guy always gives us passwords like the one below:


 #2 Turn On Two-Factor Authentication 

This stops hackers from logging into your account and changing your contact information. To turn this two-factor authentication on, choose one of the below:

  • Text message (SMS) codes from your mobile phone
  • Login codes from a third party authentication app (such as Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator)

If you've tried to Two Factor logins before you know that they can be time consuming and bothersome so Instagram's update includes added support for third-party authenticator apps that provide a more "automatic" way to get back into your account compared to Instagram’s two-factor authentication. 


#3 Use a Separate Unique Email Address

Your email is the one of the most valuable items in your online identity because it contains so much  information about YOU. Accounts, passwords and info about basically everything else you use online--think shopping and web interactions.  Yeah?

When setting up social profiles, we recommend using a separate email address than you use for your personal email. This offers a bit more protection and provides more peace of mind.

#4 Beware of Apps that Find and Track Your Followers and What Access You Give Them

Instagram is already on it and trying to block apps that provide “followers” and the ones that track follower activity too. Most of these apps are not secure and the “followers” are not real. So imagine giving account access to these not so trustworthy companies that might be able to steal your personal information. They could have keystroke logger, you could even be giving them access to your camera. 

#5 Check Privacy Policies of ALL Apps that You Grant Access

Whether you are giving them access to your email, Instagram, contacts or anything else on your phone or computer, privacy policies will tell you what information they are taking and what they are going to do with it.

#6 Use Antivirus Software

Prevent Computer Hacking, Spyware and keyloggers spyware or malware on your computer:  Malwarebytes OR SuperAnti-Spyware. We trust both of these as they come highly recommended by Tech Wellness expert Bryan Neumeister. You can even download Malwarebytes to your iPhone.

#7 Always Update your App

Always be sure to update your app for bug fixes and performance improvements. Bugs make your account vulnerable to Hackers.

Again, we strongly encourage you to take care of these security measures as soon as possible. Even though this article was based around Instagram, these same tips are valid for all other online platforms you may use like your social media accounts, email, banking info, etc.

#8 Check Privacy Policies of ALL Apps that You Grant Access

Whether you are giving them access to your email, Instagram, contacts or anything else on your phone or computer, privacy policies will tell you what information they are taking and what they are going to do with it.

Looking For More Ways to Keep Your Private Information Private?

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Thank you for stopping by and Be Well!


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