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15 Tips for Healthy Living With Wireless Energy

Mindfully interacting with the technology that surrounds us and operating under the Precautionary Principle is what we advocate at Tech Wellness. Here are 15 Great Ideas for Living Well with Wireless energy.  Want to know WHAT that RF energy is. Read here

1. Turn Devices OFF or put them in Airplane Mode Whenever You Can. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, and smartphones are sending or receiving wireless energy even when you're not using them.  Control the unnecessary RF radiation by simply powering off.
#airplane mode Sweatshirt
2. Don't carry your cell phone in your hand or your pocket when it's on. There's plume of RF radiation all around your device and it dissipates the further it gets from the device. Consider a purse or man-bag or a cell phone case with straps so you can either dangle it from your wrist or keep it long so it stays away from your tummy and hips--we don't want RF energy there!!
3. If you hold your phone and Skype, Facetime or do Facebook or Instagram Live...Try this:
Yes, the Selfie Stick is goofy, but this video shows how far you actually get from the EMFs and why that's good.
4. Eliminate WiFi and Use Internet via a Wired connection.  Instead of a Wireless Mouse,  use a Wired connection, Instead of a Wireless Keyboard, Use a Wired Keyboard.  Hardwired connections eliminate RF energy from wireless energy.  A bonus is that your internet is faster, more secure.  It's great because all this hard wiring allows you to turn blue-tooth and WiFi off.  Make sure you toggle off the Blue Tooth Setting and the WiFi Settings on your laptop or device. The result: almost no RF radiation!

5. If you're home just can't exist without WiFi, turn it off whenever you can. Especially at night. Any time the WiFi router is off, it's not sending a signal so there's no RF radiation. And when you do turn it off using a low tech remote switch so you don't have to come in close contact with the RF energy from the Router.You can turn the router off anytime and turn it back on when you need it. 

  Wi-Fi Kill switch

6. Locate the WiFi as far as you can from bedrooms, living space etc.  We have a  video that makes invisible WiFi energy-visible 
7. Our world is filled with WiFi enabled appliances and gadgets: Turn the WiFi off on your printer, appliances, Smart TV, and home monitoring devices.  
8. Remove your Smart Meter.  It's actually a very powerful WiFi Router that's consistently pulsing EMF's all day and all night. It could be the strongest EMF source in your home. Call your power company and ask them to switch it out to a non-wireless analog or digital meter. We did this and we noticed a difference.

9. Turn off the baby monitor anytime you're not using it AND make sure it's at least 15 feet from you and your baby.

10. To keep your hands and fingers from being exposed to wireless energy directly, use a stylus when text or email from your device. Too much? Compose in airplane mode: then send when the device is On or enabled.

avoid Wireless EMF
11. Never, please really never use a phone or computer on a plane, in a car or on a train. The wireless radiation increases as the device searches for the signal. It can become quite high. Not good for you or anyone around you. You can watch this video demonstrating the magnification of RF radiation when WiFi is accessed in a plane.

12. Find out where they keep the WiFi router when you're choosing your Flight seat. Choose a seat as far from it as you can to distance yourself from wireless EMF.
13. A laptop is not for your lap! Even with no WiFi or blue-tooth connection, there are magnetic EMF's oozing from it. At the very least use a thick 12" pillow. Best is on the desk a good 2' from your tummy.  

14. Use a Wired Headset, Wired Earbuds or Wired Headphones that include Air Tube Technology.  The tube of air acts as a buffer between the RF energy coming from the Cell phone or Smartphone and makes sure none of it gets to your head. Here's  the one we use. It works beautifully, plus has a nice long wire for more distance from our device.

  15. Be WiFi, Cellphone, and Bluetooth Aware:  Not just in your home, but out and about as well. If you see the flashing lights of a WiFi router, know that you're being exposed to less as you move further away.
Be Well!

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