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Don't Google it! 3 Top Search Engines for Your PRIVACY! Duck Duck Go, Start Page, Yippy Yippy YEA

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Bing want to make your business their business.  Your privacy is at stake. They collect and sell your information- you know it's true when you see the ads they serve you too!

Our top Private Search Engine Recommendations Are:

  • StartPage- They don't Collect, Share or Save Your Information AND you Can Visit Pages Anonymously
  • Duck Duck Go:  The don't Collect, Share or Save Your Information AND the search is Fast and Vast
  • Yippy Yippy Yea: They don't Collect, Share or Save Your Information

Some people actually love the way Google makes the search experience not-private. They like the way it follows their moves and then--by predicts and serves them the information they want--sometimes before they even ask! I've got details here. The internet is just plain creepy sometimes, huh? Gosh, darn it. 

The Video below is quick and easy- Then You'll see the Details on Our TOP 3 Most Private Ways To Search

Want a Private Way To Search, Don't Google It

Google is the go-to site for most people when they search the web.  But all that great instant info comes at a price: Your privacy. Google saves your search history, reads your email in Gmail and gives your boss the details, keeps everything you say to “OK Google,” and even records everywhere you and your smartphone or computer go!  Google tracks your web visits and the youtube's you watch.

You can erase Google and Siri history--BUT, they may have already accessed it so why give it to them in the first place?

Google's Not the Only Search Engine Watching You... Don't use Yahoo and Bing If You Want Your Searches to Remain Private!

Unfortunately, Yahoo and Bing are tracking, recording and analyzing your private internet search moves too. Microsoft has bundled Bing search results together with Cortana, in Windows 10. I've got steps to turn her off at the end, but you can read all about this nosy lady here.

And Speaking of Watching You- lets just eliminate that whole idea that someone could be watching you through your webcam-shall we?

If you're concerned at all, you'll love our favorite webcam covers.

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Here are our Top Recommendations for Private Searches

Start Page Loves Your Privacy--And I love Anonymous Page Visits!

With Startpage Search via proxy,  that way sites won't know your real IP address. I actually thought this search experience was pretty cool: The search results look like Google, but you can filter by time--so you find the most recent results for your search.


search privacy

StartPage's TWO Ways To Search

  • Click and you'll go straight to the web page you've searched.  Like always, specific sites can track, leave cookies etc.
  • Visit and remain invisible by clicking the View Anonymous option.  It took a moment to load and didn't load the photo- and see how it says start-page on top--that's because the site only sees Startpage IP address. Coolio!

Here's what The Start Page Search Looks Like:

start page private search engine

 Choose Anonymous View and your webpage visit will look like this:

startpage anonymous

See that Blue Box around the page?  That's your assurance the site does not know you're visiting!


privacy Faraday bag

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Browsing Anonymously The Details:

Your privacy is protected when you stay in the blue box. You can browse the page you’re visiting and click on links wherever you like. The website only sees, and you remain hidden.

  •  Here's what that means: There is no way for airlines, hotels or retailers to “optimize” prices or recommendations specifically for you. They won't know who you are.
  • Your computer is shielded from website cookies.
  • No fingerprinting no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter tracking
  • Even your Internet Service or VPN won't know you're there

I've only noticed a couple of drawbacks when I choose Anonymous View:

  1. It can be slow to load.  Really slow sometimes
  2. Sometimes the option is just not available

How Does StartPage Make Money?

Like many other websites and Internet services, generates its income from advertising. When you perform a search, you may see up to three sponsored search results at the top of the results page. These ads are labelled accordingly. Clicking a sponsored link will take you off the website to an advertiser's website.


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Duck Duck Go

Use Duck Duck Go with cookies enabled or without.  Privacy policy says they don't use the personally identifiable info. Like Google, you get Web, Images, Videos, and News and you can filter by time, adult content and region.

The search is fast and they also have what they call Bonus Fasties, like Bangs. HMMM What's are Bangs?  Here's how they explain it:

Bangs are shortcuts that quickly take you to search results on other sites. For example, when you know you want to search on another site like Wikipedia or Amazon, our bangs get you there fastest.

Remember, though, because your search is actually taking place on that other site, you are subject to that site’s policies, including its data collection practices.


privacy Faraday bag

For ULTIMATE PRIVACY PROTECTION Put Your Phone In A Faraday Bag No Location or UPS Tracking!!

How Does Duck Duck Go make money?

Like others, from private ads on our search engine. On other search engines, ads are based on profiles compiled about you using your personal information like search, browsing, and purchase history. Since they don’t collect that information, search ads on DuckDuckGo are based on the search results page you are viewing, not on you as a person. For example, if you search for cars, they will show you ads about cars.

 duck duck go privacy

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Yippy Yea Yea

Not as popular as Duck Duck Go and Start Page, this search engine works by searching all the other search engines and then supplying results. The privacy policy says it doesn't ask for any personally identifiable information or use cookies to track you. It does, however, require cookies to work properly. When I disabled cookies, it kept saying my session expired. Here's what search results look like in Yippy:


Don't Forget Cortana is Logging Your Searches . . .


Go into Settings and shut her down, like so:

privacy setting cortana


Here's the research

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