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EMF DETOX : Top 10 Ways to Reduce Cellphone Radiation Exposure

You may have heard it called EMF, RF, information carrying radio waves or any number of other names. But one thing is certain: the invisible, artificial electromagnetic energy radiating from cell phones, WiFi, smart meters and other sources is bio-active—that means it can interfere with the energy that rules your body and creates negative effects. It’s even been proven to indirectly damage human DNA. 

The world-renowned scientists I’ve spoken to who study this issue have zero doubt that this is true. If you’re interested, you can read in-depth articles and studies here on the site, but for now, if you’ve decided that it’s time to take some easy steps to reduce your exposure to EMF, let us be your guide!  

I have electromagnetic sensitivity. In my case, I can sense the energy from smart phones and WiFi and the smart meter we used to haveand it’s not comfortable. The tips below are the ones I use myself to feel good every day. So think of me as your EMF “canary in a coal mine.” Even if you can’t physically feel the effects right now, I can—and if you follow this path, I know you’ll notice the difference in how you feel as well.

Here are our Tech Wellness Top Tips To Reduce EMFs from Smart Phones:

  1. Maintain A Smart Distance From Your Smart Phone. We know you love it and all, but think of your Special Digital Friend as something you need to keep at arm’s length. Literally. Why? Radiation exposure drops significantly as you move it away from your body. By orders of magnitude.  Scientists say that 30 cm, a little less than a foot, is as close as you should get. Let me repeat that: Smart Phone close by = STUPID; maintaining a safe distance at all times = SMARTER
  2. Save Your Smarts. To that end, DON’T EVER, EVER talk with your phone pressed up against your head. EVER. And you have my permission to briskly slap the phone away from any loved ones you see doing this. We’ve noted for several years that even the iPhone manual (have you read yours?) says to keep the phone away from your head. Would you put your head next to a running microwave? If you would, you should probably stop reading now.
  3. Be THAT Person. Why damage your DNA when you can use the speaker phone, especially whilst perusing the aisles at Whole Foods?  If it’s a sensitive matter, please employ a quality air tube headset. We don’t need to hear about that. Remember, arm’s length.
  4. Who Wore It Worse? Maybe it goes without saying, but please, NEVER store your phone in your pocket, your coat, your shirt, your bra, your sock, your underwear or anywhere in close proximity to your precious body. If you do, it’s got to be airplane mode. Or get yourself a Silent Pocket. My husband loves his. You slip the phone in and pooftotal silence.
  5.  Don’t Talk, Text. Whenever you can, text rather than talk. The total radiation is lower because you’re not generating a continuous back and forth signal.
  6. Be Stylus-ish. When texting, use a stylus. Set the phone on a solid surface, whip out one of these and everyone in Starbucks will be instantly intrigued. 
  7. Create A Happy Habit. Whenever possible, just switch to Airplane Mode. Whatever it is, it can probably wait.
  8. Sleep Sweeter. And seriously my friends, please don’t bring your phone to bed with you! A recent survey showed that 71% of people who own a smartphone, sleep with it! That’s embarrassing. Here’s something else very sad: 35% of respondents said their first thought in the morning is about their smartphone; 10% said it was for their significant other. Besides getting some counseling about that, the best practice is to leave your phone in another room and get an analog alarm clockIf you feel you MUST have it close by, at least switch to airplane mode before you turn in.
  9. Stay Fashionable. When on the go ladies, try a cross body with a strap long enough to keep radiation away from your vital organs; or better yet, let it dangle on a wrist chain- 8 to 10 inches from your beautiful body.
  10. Stick It. If you’re planning an extended face time or live stream to your legion of fans, we urge you to go full Kim Kardashian and use a selfie stick. Again arm’s length. And take it from Kim—it’s much more flattering too!
  11. Watch Your Bars. The fewer signal bars your phone is showing, the harder it is trying to connect with a cell tower. The radiation can double in some cases. So be aware. If you’ve only got a bar or two, make sure you aren’t holding the phone and push it as far away as you can.
  12. Just Say No To Location Services. Last year, we downloaded a collective 197 BILLION APPS! (I’m convinced my husband has most of those.) Chances are, of the dozens of apps on your phone, the majority are reaching out on the internet to update themselves, to share your location, to stalk you, etc. Take a minute, go through your settings and turn that permission OFF. You can also turn off the apps quite easily too. Imagine the peace you’ll feel.
  13. Create a new screen saver for your phone. It should read AIRPLANE MODE + ARM’S LENGTH. Just to remind yourself.


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