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Free Kids Games That Don’t Need WiFi or Internet #14 - LEGO NINJAGO REBOOTED

14. Lego Ninjago                                                                                 


     safe offline games for kids

Ages 8+

This LEGO Ninjago-Rebooted game will have your kids entertained for hours with the different ways to play the game. Little boys love Legos, Power Rangers and Ninjas—and this game combines all three! Totally WiFi-free, cost-free and available on both Androids and iPhones and iPads! More peace of mind for you for longer, but less radiation exposure to the little ones.

 TECH WELLNESS TIP  Older kids play this one so Be aware they could connect online and have the temptation of in-app purchases. Show your child how to enable airplane mode.

WiFi radiation is strongest next to the router. To read the levels of EMF in your environment use this EMF meter. Turn it off with our favorite remote switch. Keep a safe distance between the energy and you or your toddler.

Wifi Kill Switch

Download Here:                                  Buy WiFi Remote Safe Switch

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