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Fruit Ninja

13. Fruit Ninja 


fruit ninja, no internet, free to download

Ages 7+

Fruit Ninja is an all-time classic game available for download for free on the app store. Players use their ninja sword to slice through flying fruit. The more items they slice, the better their score. BUT watch out for bombs! This is the quickest way to lose the game, slicing through a bomb will trigger a red flash on the screen, before a notice that your turn is over.

This thrilling game strengthens player’s hand eye coordination and encourages them to stay highly focused. We love this high quality game- the colors are refreshing and the game is exhilarating. The experience keeps you on your toes- excited for more.

 When the player’s device is connected to the Internet there are prompts for in app-purchases. These allow you to use different tools while playing- which honestly do not enhance the gaming experience.

WiFi connection does not change the single-players experience so your kids can perfect their ninja skills in a safe environment! When connected to WiFi players are able to compete with others in a multiplayer version of the game.. but that means kids are also subjected to harmful wireless energy. Your kids can enjoy the music in Fruit Ninja, safely, with this airtube wired headset

 TECH WELLNESS TIP After downloading, turn your WiFi off with this GREAT WiFi switch, turn your phone on Airplane mode to avoid wireless EMF, and check out our Weekly Newsletter for more information on all things EMF! 

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Download Here: 

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