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Curated Tech Wellness News June 5, 2019

Welcome to the TECH WELLNESS NEWSFEED--a curated collection of news and information to help you find balance in your relationship with technology.
UH-OH, A New Study
finds that just about every tablet and cellphone exceeds safety limits by one and half to three and a half times when they're touching our bodies! That is just HUGE. Good thing this little guy is rockin' the Stylus! Make sure your kids do too.
As we always say, distance is your friend when it comes to your devices. Keep it away from your head, out of your pocket, never tuck it into your bra, sleep with it under your pillow and for goodness sake, never, ever put your laptop on your lap without a big fluffy pillow. Exactly how far away is safe? The experts we've talked to agree that 12-18" is the distance that will reduce most of your dangerous EMF exposure.
Over 30 years of valid scientific studies have proven that we do have a biological reaction when we're exposed to high levels of EMF. Just like when you smell diesel fumes or pesticides-- The World Health Organization classifies cell phone radiation in the same category as those toxins, possible carcinogens.
So the next time you catch someone you love texting wildly, toss them a stylus- or if they have the phone next to their head, feel free hand them an headphone (air tube's are best) or encourage them to place the phone on Speaker Mode. When they roll their eyes--instead of thanking you--just say, "There I go again, taking care of your health and happiness. You can thank me later."
internet addiction
Internet and Social Media Addiction Are Now The Most Googled In Several States
On this final day of Mental Health Month, we share a study by done by Researchers took a list of mental health conditions and concerns from established resources like the National Alliance of Mental Health and to create a list of what mental health issues America might be thinking about. New York's most googled term was Financial Stress, Californians top Google concern: Intimacy Issues. See what Your State's top Search was Here. Results
If You Can't Stop or Know Someone Who Won't Stop Social Media Scrolling, we can help you find some peace in knowing if it's just plain typical use or if it's crossed the line to an actual addiction. Our Internet/Screen Addiction Test was developed by America's most renowned authority on Internet Addictions and the creator of America's first inpatient treatment center. Take Dr. Young's Social Media Addiction Test here
Apple Announces new IOS Update That Will Make Apps Ask for Location Every Time and Send "stealth" Fake email Address To Protect Your Privacy.
Apple's taking on the Facebook and Google "sign on" option and we're so GLAD! We strongly recommend in our Facebook Settings Guide that smart tech users opt out of Sign in With Facebook, because it allows Facebook to track you. Apple promised NO Tracking with all the "Sign on" ease- when you use their new feature.
And we can look for more privacy upgrades: When Apps ask for your email address, you'll have the option of giving them your actual address, or with the new IOS you'll be able to opt for Apple to send a unique random address that will Forward email to you. Apple is planning to roll out the new IOS in September and it will be available across all Apple platforms--iPhone, computers, etc. Here's this week's announcement: get your privacy back.
Apple Says Privacy is A Basic Human Right. WE AGREE! Did you know that Tech Wellness does not sell or share your data? In fact, we exercise the option of ERASING OUR CUSTOMER DATA using our Shopify platform according to the European General Data Protection Regulation. And it's not easy. Because no one else does it, a one click button to erase everything has not yet been developed. That means that we erase each record one at a time and personally email every customer about the process.  We do it because we value our customers and their privacy.
Approximately 6 months after a customer makes a purchase they will receive a note with the details. Customers can then exercise the option to have their data saved for re-orders should they decide.
Our mission is to help you thrive and live a blissful and balanced life by providing the information and resources you need to navigate your way through our Digital Age. It’s more important now, than ever before, to be a conscious consumer. To know how modern tech affects you both in safety and spirt.


we asked how much you've done to protect your privacy. It interesting that over half of you say NO WAY to voice assistants, when millions of them are being sold. We love this enlightened group!
12% said Nothing much, but stopped using "password" as my password.
60% said NO WAY to Siri, Alexa & Hey Google or any voice enabled app.
20% Check the privacy settings for social media, phones and computers regularly
8% have asked sites they shop to eliminate their personal data
NEW VIDEO DROPS! Fun and Easy Ways To Reduce the RF Energy All Around You.
If reducing your exposure to EMF radiation is something you'd like to do, be sure and check out this week's video. We show you first hand how turning off a few things around the office can really cut the level of RF dramatically. And hey, if you don't need more toxins in your life, why not try and cut them down a little? This is a fun one! Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to share and subscribe to our channel.
Solutions we have tested, trust and recommend.
Our own beautiful version of the No-Tracker privacy case used by law enforcement and stealthy citizens.
We love our Simple to Use Wireless EMF Radiation Meter. Make sure your environment is healthy.

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