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Grounding, Earthing and The Benefits of Touching the Earth

Everyday I make sure I get a healthy 30 minute dose of Vitamin G!  It’s my gift to my body and my soul.

A Natural Barefoot Grounding walk is a basic digital wel-lbeing strategy to connect to the earth and disconnect from technology. 

Doing it with a friend you love is a magical bonus.  

grounding earthing grounded

Gounding 101

I love the direct body-earth connection I get when I walk on grass, sand or just put my feet directly on soil.  To Ground is as simple as being barefoot outside, on conductive surfaces such as grass, sand, soil, and concrete.
That's Grounding. Bare feet or any direct skin contact to the earth is pure un-adulerated grounding.  It's the process of synching your body with the natural electric frequencies of the Earth and the influx of free electrons from the ground are believed by some scientists to generate healing effects

Walking on the beach each day is my medicine! 

All the lovely energy of the earth, energizes my body.Walking on the beach has added benefits--giving your body direct connect with nature's negative ions generated by the waves at the shore.  

Walking around all day in rubber shoes and being layers away from the ground, be it through un-natural flooring or distance is though to significantly interfere with our energeic connection to the Earth and deplete our natural electrons.

Earthing proponents say you can ground yourself by walking outside barefoot, sitting on the ground or being connected to the Earth via grounding devices that transfer electrons from the earth to your body.   There's even Earthing Footware designed with conductive copper rivets that are supposed to connect you to the ground.

The Study of Health and Earthing or Grounding

Science is now researching how the "energy"  works and how physiologically, we  benefit from the bodies connection to the natural electrical frequencies of the Earth.

Supposedly, electrons drawn into the body from the earth neutralize damaging free radicals and by extension reduce disease-related chronic or acute inflammation.

Earthing, also known as grounding, focuses on the belief that contact with the Earth’s electric energy --even through the use of wired or electrical connectors can generate significant physiological changes in the body. In one study covered in the Earthing book,  participants slept on a special mat that had a connection to a grounding device outside the house. When compared to the ungrounded participants in the same study, the grounded ones showed significant changes in key biomarkers including serum sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, total protein and others.

There have been studies on the reduction of inflammation and pain, perceptible changes in the autonomic nervous system from the sympathetic fight or flight response to the more relaxed para-sympathetic response.

Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D. in engineering physics. Dr. Chevalier is the director of the Earthing Institute has been studying Earthing and Grounding for 15 years and says he has seen subjects with pain from arthritis and all kinds of inflammatory disease find relief by grounding for a minimum of 30 minutes.
Chevalier recommends an hour a day for most people to see results in the form of pain relief.  He talks about a woman who with MS that requires 16 hours a day of grounding for relief, "The studies I have been involved with have yielded an intriguing picture of what happens when we connect to the Earth. In short, it’s as if a switch is somehow turned on, and, in response, the body’s inner workings start functioning more efficiently and robustly." says Chevalier
He advises natural grounding, but also recommends grounding mats as part of a healthy lifestyle and emphasizes, as we do here at Tech Wellness: A balanced lifestyle.

Natural vs Grounding Pad and Beds

I personally don't use electrical grounding systems.  I have electromagnetic hypersensitivity and have found that I feel electrical sensations from the mats and they just don't feel good to me, but that doesn't mean they don't work for others.
If you want to take a deep dive into connecting to the Earth and grounding, check out Earthing, the book that explains the all about the process. 
The authors have included lots of information and how-to's and a nice research section.

Be aware that there’s a pretty big commercial aspect to this electric type of  earthing.  There are many websites that sell a range of equipment, including earthing beds and chairs that can get pretty pricey.  Which is just one more reason love the idea of natural grounding. 

A Building Biologists on Grounding Mats

Oram Miller, a noted Building Biologists and friend from our awesome EMF Consultants list says this about grounding pads,  "We recommend that you ground these pads into the earth rather than into the ground of your electrical outlet when possible. We also recommend that you reduce the electric fields in your bedroom first by having a Building Biology evaluation of your home."

We couldn't agree more.  Check out our listing for a highly qualified Building Biologist in your area here

Many people wonder if the grounding products are actually "connecting" to the earth at all-there are Continuity testers that can be used for that.

Avoid Wireless EMF by Knowing Where It Is With This Meter

Wireless EMF and Dirty Electricity and Grounding

We're all about avoiding all types of wireless RF radiation and the Director of the Earthing Institute also recommends prudent avoidance of EMF radiation from all wireless devices and microwaves, but adds that grounding can  help you repair by giving energy to the mitochondria and he believes that grounding mats can prevent the effects lower frequencies like those from magnetic energy and dirty electricity. 

Finally, please remember that even groundings strongest proponents acknowledge there's a limit to the "magic" of grounding.  It's not a cure-all.  Think of it as just part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Be Well!



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