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How to Erase What You Said To Siri and Stop Siri And Alexa from Listening Forever

Have you had enough of your phone listening to you and then serving you ads based on what you heard?

Apple is so proud of Miss Siri

Apple and Siri listening

Yes, You do Siri--and that's the Problem-This is a screenshot of Apple celebrating the wonders of Siri!

Did you know that Siri has been listening and Apple has been saving your data?

Siri and Alexa are  built to listen and record.  They're the reigning Queens of AI or Artificial Intelligence. There are those who just love the idea of spouting off a request and having it magically fulfilled and their are others that just want their privacy back.

AI really is not so Artificial.--When you use Siri or Apple HomePod or Google Home or Alexa--your utterances are RECORDED.  And Stored.

Stop Apple From Recording You and Erase Your Siri Recordings

And now that we know that those recordings can be accessed- sometimes even by real people.  Yes. Real people were paid to listen to recordings at Apple, Facebook aka Instagram and Amazon.  Shocking?

You can control it- You CAN DISABLE Recordings that are going to Amazon and being stored on Amazon servers. Here's How:

    • AMAZON ALEXA: Go To Privacy Settings on the Amazon Echo App and Opt Out of Amazon Using Your Voice Recordings. Note: Even if they are not "used" utterances are most likely still recorded.

Apple Let's You Erase Recordings Less Than Six Months Old- But You Have To Stop Using Sweet Siri!

    • SIRI FROM APPLE: To opt out of Siri recordings and have them erased,  Siri MUST BE TURNED OFF or DISABLED with a 2 step process.  Apple tells us in their privacy policy that your voice input data may be retained for period of time to improve Siri, Dictation and other Apple products and services.  This "Data" includes Audio Files--aka Recordings of What You Say to Siri! Thankfully, Apple now also gives you the option of erasing your Siri recordings that are less than 6 months old. In order to stop these recordings and have Apple delete the old data , follow these 4 steps

  1. First, Turn Siri Off Open Settings > Siri & Search, then slide the Listen for “Hey Siri” and "Press Home or Side Button for Siri" switches to “off”.

  2. While you're at it, turn off Siri Suggestions.   That way, the stuff you search with your iPhone is not retained by Apple either.

  3. Delete saved recordings and dictations. Click on "Siri & Dictation History" and then delete. 

  4.  Next turn off Dictation, Open Settings > General > Keyboard, then slide the Enable Dictation switch to “off”.

There you have it! Now your safe from Siri and any saved recordings. 

    If you value your privacy, you may want to keep your passwords off of Online Password Savers- Here's a lovely option.  Click to learn more about Password safety.

    password safety book

    Get A Copy Of Your Apple Data

    Want a copy of Your Siri Recordings?  Honestly I don't know if you can get them, but you can ask for a copy of your Data.  Apple says it will send you copies of what you use- so perhaps that includes your Siri recordings.

    To get a copy of your Apple Data do this:

    • Step 1:  Sign in To Your Apple Account.  Scroll Down to Data and Privacy- Click Manage Your Privacy Settings-
    get apple data on you
    • Then SIGN IN AGAIN.  Yep that's what they make you do
    • Click on Manage Your Data And Privacy
    get apple data from your phone
    • Click on Request A Copy of Your Data.  You'll then get a notification that Apple will prepare a copy of your data, notify you and then you'll have a limited time to download it.

    Let me know if any of you use Siri and actually do get a copy of your recordings.

    If you'd like to know more about the microphones that are recording you on all your devices and take steps to silence them, click here.

    Stay Safe and Be Well!


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