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How to Hard Wire Peloton Bike For No WiFi and No EMF Radiation

My neighbor has a Peloton bike and absolutely loves it.  She uses it everyday and invited me over to try.  OMG the incredible amount of Radio Frequency- RF electromagnetic fields blasting from that Peloton made my work-out so unhealthy.

Sure it was fun, which is why Peloton is so wildly successful and why Peloton users get great results. 

Of course I was thrilled with the offer to use the Peloton any time I wanted from my generous neighbor, but the wireless EMF exposure just was not worth it for my sensitive body. 

But guess what?  Pelotons can be hard wired to the internet for almost no EMF exposure! 

Sage Living published this wonder step by step guide to hard wiring the Peloton bike!

Stephanie Kerst of Sage Living  is a Certified Building Biology™ Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, trained by the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology which offers simply the best and most rigorous training for EMF education and mitigation.  Sage Living, located in Northern California will come to your home and help you  make choices for a cleaner EMF environment.

Here are Stephanie's low-EMF tips for using a Peloton bike- along with links to products that you will need from Tech Wellness: 

  • To eliminate WiFi: connect a shielded ethernet cable from the back of the touchscreen on the bike to your wired router or data port in the wall.
  • If you need an ACCESS point for the Ethernet cable, check out How To Hard Wire Your Home or just get our Hard Wire Kit.
  • There is an ethernet port on the back of the touchscreen. We like this Ethernet cable. Choose the length you want that fits your space. 
  • Go into Settings on the bike and turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth (this does not happen automatically when you plug in an Ethernet cable). 
  • In addition to eliminating the need for WiFi, a shielded Ethernet cable with metal ends (vs. an unshielded cable) will also reduce AC electric fields, another type of EMF.
  • The power cord  of your Peloton bike has a grounded 3 prong plug (instead of an ungrounded 2 prong plug) which will further reduce AC electric fields. 
  • Move the transformer (the black box) on the power cord away from your legs and feet, since it is a source of AC magnetic fields (yet another type of EMF).
  • Off the bike: if you use the Peloton app on your phone, be sure to preload a class, then put your phone in airplane mode (with WiFi and Bluetooth off) while you take the class. We love having the option to take a class offline.

We like this setup for our Peloton workouts because it provides strong internet connectivity in a low-EMF environment. 

Thank you Stephanie!

The joys of hard wiring are even better with our Cat 8 Double Shielded Ethernet Cables.  They are FAST and Safe.

Let's turn off WiFi on as many smart devices in homes as we can.   And while we're at it, let's make sure we're okay with the data so many of these Smart Devices, like our Roomba, Peloton and Sonos have on us.  We'll show you

How To Disable WiFi and How To Protect Your Data On Sonos, Peloton and Roomba here.

Be Safe and Be Well!



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