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Free Kids Games That Don’t Need WiFi or Internet #2 - Toddler Puzzle

2. Toddler Puzzle Games for Kids                                                          


Ages 3+

Even the opening of this game is sweet. Your little one can play one game module for free—but the game is great because it gives lots of furry little animals to cycle through.

Tap one of the grid of 12 and first a connect the dots module appears. It’s simple, just tap the strawberry as it moves around the outline of the animal. Once that’s completed the animal appears in black and white. Touch the screen and the “color” appears. Once the furry friend is colored in in automatically breaks into puzzle pieces that your child will drag and drop to complete the animal.

That’s it. The delightful prompt and melodic tune take you back to the grid where you and your child can choose the next animal puzzle.

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