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What is a Dongle? How Dongles Work and Why You Need One. Our Favorite Dongles Ever!

While the name for this tech tool is one of the funniest we've heard - if used correctly, a dongle can be one of the most useful solutions in eliminating the EMF radiation coming from your tech. 

So what is a dongle anyway? 

Generally speaking, a dongle is an adapter that plugs into an open port on your device - computer, tablet or phone. 

This adapter adds on some sort of functionality to your device - whether that's charging, connecting to the internet, adding additional ports, or connecting to other devices. 

Now that computers come with less and less ports (I see you MacBook Air), dongles are especially useful! 

Why is a dongle called a dongle?

According to our research... no one really knows. Oxford University Press, publisher of the famous English Dictionary, confirmed that “dongle” is of uncertain, and anonymous, origin. 

Could it be a play off of the fact that they "dangle" off your computer when plugged in? Guess we'll never know! 

Why do I love dongles? 

Dongles are helpful in many ways but my absolute favorite thing about dongles is how they allow me to use my devices EMF-radiation free! EMF (or electromagnetic fields) is the harmful energy coming from all of our wireless devices. If it uses Bluetooth, WiFi or cell signal you can pretty much bet that it is emitting EMF radiation to some extent.

There's also magnetic and electric EMF coming from devices, even if they are on Airplane mode.  That's why I don't recommend using them while they are charging or touching them without a stylus- anytime, even if you're using a dongle to connect to the internet without Bluetooth, WiFi or cell signal.

We do carry some grounded adapters too-your computer or laptop and another for the iPhone.  Using a grounded adapter will eliminate the dirty electric fields coming from the the device, however magnetic fields come from the electronics used to power the screen.  The only way that I have seen to eliminate those fields is by turning the screen brightness down to black.  But like all EMF, distance is your friend when it comes to reducing exposure to magnetic fields.  The further from the source, the less EMF- as it dissipates with distance.

I love technology but I don't love how EMF is connected to headaches, tingling, sleep issues, depression, dizziness, cognitive issues and more. (Check my EMF guide for more info

The Best Dongles We've Found and How To Get A Dongle Of Your Own

These dongles below let me use the technology I love without all those nasty symptoms by connecting any devices to an Ethernet cord(our Cat 8 double shielded Ethernet cables are my FAVE) so I have quick and safe internet connection! Make sure to turn your device on Airplane mode and switch off Bluetooth and wifi for the full benefits.

iPhone internet dongle

This dongle connects your iPhone to an Ethernet cord. We've tested dozens and this is the best on the market! You can Browse, Use a Messaging App, Email and Scroll With NO Radiation!

grounded iphone adapter and dongle

The Dongle shown here is also an iPhone connection to the internet AND it lets you plug in a charger at the same time. It's grounded, but does not work as consistently and as well as the Safertech iPhone dongle adapter.


Use this grounded EMF Protection Dongle For Macbook Pro, Android Phones and Chrome Books, Laptops and Tablets!

This Multiple Device Dongle Grounds Too! Hard Wire - Computers, Laptops, Phones INCLUDING OLDER Models (USB)To the Internet AND Ground At the SAME TIME !with USB Adapter Dongle

Best dongle for Windows Tablet and Raspberry Pi Zero - Fast and EMF-free internet! 

Start the process of wiring up all the devices in your home with our easy Wire Up Your Wifi Kit - includes an Ethernet switch, 3 ethernet cables, an adapter of your choice and a WiFi switch to turn your WiFi off from anywhere in your home with one click. 

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