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The Tech Wellness community is all about strengthening and inspiring each other by sharing our experiences, tips, and advice on how to thrive with the technology around us. 

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All It Takes is a non-profit organization that cultivates leadership through active individual and team training. August talks to Executive Tanner Woodley about the phone-free and device free aspect of the Youth Leadership camp.

 I'm someone who is trying to become more conscientious about my EMF exposure, I have recently made a commitment to never putting my cell phone to my head. Thank you August! I was very excited to start using these anti radiation earbuds (and these are really comfortable) its been a very easy transition and I'm so glad this technology is available.

- Jennifer W about the Tauki Airtube Headsets


We walked all through the house checking for radiation the night we opened this little meter. We found most of it stopped when we unplugged our WIFI and turned off our phones. But we are still discovering it in places we go and we're letting our neighbors know about their smartmeters by Showing Them! We like it- it is simple and durable and not confusing like the others I've shopped for online.
- Lisa H about the EMF Meter 


Musician David Jackson talks about the Magic of Unplugging

The difference in how your eyes feel is incredible. I have to admit that when my wife gave me these, I thought it was kind of silly. But I'd been complaining about eye fatigue coming by three big monitors I stare at all day. Today, I sometimes wear them all day long. It makes such a difference. My eyes aren't nearly as scratchy and tired at the end of the day. We have other pairs at home that we leave in the TV room so that any time we're watching at night, we can use them. Honestly, once you put them on, your brain and eyes adjust almost immediately, so that it doesn't look or feel weird. it's normalized almost immediately. If you're in front of screens all day, buy a half dozen of these. They're great.
- Greg about the Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Love! I am constantly on my computer/phone for work and have a hard time finding something that will divert my attention and give me space to breath. I love this cute set and the way it motivates me to step away from technology for a minute of creativity. Also travel friendly :)
- Julia about the Mindfulness Kit 
I never took my Fitbit off. I tracked it all and looked at the app 5 times a day. So, I get the whole downloading tracking benefits--BUT this is everything I Need. It tracks my 10,000 steps which is the most important to me. Every once in a while I will turn on blue tooth and record a day, but generally I'm doing fine without seeing the app. I do see the miles I move, walking running and biking and of course I love to know how many calories!
- Lani about the Garmin Fitbit Alternative 

Jason talks about his experience as a person with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. 

These days, if I'm sitting in an important meeting, I either make sure I turn my phone all the way off (not just airplane mode) not because I'm paranoid, but it's just too easy for someone to hack your phone these days. The Faraday bag blocks all RF signals coming in and going out. So no hacking and no listening in as long as it's in the bag. And this is a very cool bag. Very upscale materials and it's cool looking too. I tested it to make sure that nothing was getting in or out and it's definitely like locking your phone in a closet. Plus, it's better than turning your phone all the way off because the whole reboot and restart program is such a pain! Guys always ask me about it and when I explain it, they don't look at me like I'm a crazy paranoid, so I'm taking that as a big positive! I'd love to have a wallet version of this a some point--and maybe a faraday box we can all throw our phones into at the beginning of a meeting. Meanwhile I'm enjoying the feeling of closing the door on a snoopy world by using my August Faraday bag!
- Greg about the August Faraday Bag


Brantley talks about switching from a smartphone to a flip phone. Listen as she reflects on phone obsession and addiction.  If this topic resonates with you, you may want to take our Screen Addiction test.  It was created by internationally renowned expert, Dr. Kimberly Young who founded the Net Addiction Center and coined the term, Internet Addiction.  Her recommendations and Tech Wellness solutions are included in your test results. 




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