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Whatever your workout may be--yoga, running, pilates, CrossFit, hiking--it should be your time to escape and do pure good to your body. After all, that’s the purpose of exercising. One of the main benefits of breaking a sweat is releasing toxins. A very, very common habit is to workout with your phone (like the picture above). Many of us cannot exercise without music. Yes, I completely get that. Working out in silence is definitely tedious.

But have you ever considered the effects of your phone being on your person while you burn that booty for 45 minutes to an hour? Hate to break it to you, but you’re allowing direct contact with radiation to your body. Furthermore, it’s concentrated exposure to one area, making it even more intense. This could be your pelvis, arm, or chest, really wherever you place your phone, it’s never a good call. Um, hello! Precious organs are in there. You’re giving a one-way ticket to dangerous energy to impose the health of your insides. Scary, right? 

You’re probably wondering what to do now. “There’s NO way I can run or lift weights in silence!” Preach, sister. You also may be asking, “What if you’re in a workout class?” Yeah, there’s definitely radiation in the room. It’s a given. But, look at it this way: you're better off if you're not close to it.  So Find the WiFi and make sure your at least 20 feet away or MORE!

Not only should this be a fundamental step when it comes to pumping iron or firming that tummy, it must be one to take when you’re hittin’ the hay. Sleep is when your cells rejuvenate and change happens (Oh goody!). You want all the goodness to improve your health and wake up feeling refreshed for a new day. With that being said, switch off that WiFi; enabling nasty radiation to float around while your body is trying to recharge isn’t doing any good. 

In order to reap the full benefits of fitness without tech, these are important steps to follow; and trust us, we’re here for YOU and your wellbeing. Here are some TechWellness Tech Tips... 

  1. Make sure your router is stored in a remote, secluded place, not near the workout area of the house or the bedroom(s).
  2. Turn the WiFi off when you’re not using it.
  3. Powerful WiFi isn’t necessarily better. The more power, the more signal you and your family are exposed to.
  4. Get a simple power switch that allows you to turn off the WiFi without having to get close to it.
  5. Strip your phone of all the power and ability to emit radiation. In other words, make sure your phone is naked of any connections i.e. Airplane Mode or OFF .
  6. If you must workout with your phone, take these crucial steps: turn OFF the WiFi and Bluetooth. Even if you turn off the WiFi, say you’re outside or at a gym, your cell phone is still trying to reach signals from a nearby cell tower. Place the phone a couple of feet away and use an anti-radiation Air Tube Headset. 
  7. Play music from the speaker on your phone. If you have an actual speaker, use that (even better!). Make sure it’s at a good distance if it’s Bluetooth.
  8. Try a workout that forces you to not have your phone on you. For instance, swimming. Phones are definitely banned from that.
  9. If you’re going on a hike or a run outdoors, give it a go without your phone. Listen to the sounds of nature and appreciate.
  10. If you need to time your workout, invest in a timer. It's safer and just as effective. 

It boils down to better you-ness and better me-ness: Mindfulness

All of the little tips and tricks add up to a bliss home environment with simple mindfulness. A favorite hobby of mine that doesn’t use any potential harmful energy is pilates. Think about it--when you enter the yoga room--a peaceful energy washes over you…probably in part because no one is allowed to bring their phones into the studio practice space! The more you take out energy pollution out of your home, the more zen it will be. Try it and let us know your thoughts!

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  • Why not to just use an old school USB MP3 player or an old iPod Nano no Bluetooth with regular or emf protecting headphones?


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