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\We’d be hypocrites if our offices here at TechWellness weren’t healthy! Achieving workplace wellness with style is so important to us. So, we decided to share with you the work environment and culture we’ve created. Whether you’re an employee or employer, hopefully this list inspires you to make your office your haven. After all, you spend more waking hours there during the week than you do at home! TechWellness is located in beautiful Newport Beach, California, jutting up against the cozy village of Corona del Mar. We were super lucky to secure a building right off of the Pacific Coast Highway, within walking distance to Fashion Island, a wonderful outdoor mall with lots of healthy lunchbreak options. When we moved into this new building, my husband and I strived to create a fun, inspiring, and beautiful workplace for our employees to look forward to coming to everyday. Here are some of the features:

Electric push-bikes are available to employees to ride around the office park or over to Fashion Island on their lunch breaks. We also love to see our creative director and account executives riding around on their skateboards they bring to work! Dylan even surfs on his lunch break on a good wave day!

Dogs in the office are super encouraged! After all, our top dog 120 lb German Shepherd Kingston guards the office…so it’s only fair to allow our employees to bring their pups in, too! It’s proven that dogs in the workplace create a sense of unifying community amongst workers.  

Ergonomic desk furniture like standing desks and award-winning office chairs for every employee.

Herman Miller Aeron chairs--based on the latest research around the science of sitting. It supports people in the varied postures they adopt throughout the workday with ergonomic enhancements to improve the award-winning, health-positive design.

Herman Miller Standing desks--Sitting all day is associated with weight gain, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, heart disease and diabetes and stiff neck, back and shoulders – and of course, chronic back pain. Standing desks have their own rules and ratios to make them work best for your body.  

Fun activities--We encourage our staff to take breaks, stretch and have fun! The ping-pong table fosters friendly competition and an opportunity to move around and focus. And, who doesn't look a good old-fashioned photo booth?!  

Quiet spaces--We allow our employees to take turns playing DJ every day. However, being a professional creative requires lots of room for “the process” (especially when you want to escape an extra spirited game of ping-pong!) Peaceful spaces include a quiet room for personal phone calls and private thoughts and our comfy conference room is partially sound-proofed. We even have a teepee!  

Lighting is a big deal here. We say no to fluorescent lighting (it’s not healthy) Instead, we welcome natural lighting with all-white floors and ceilings, artwork, generous sunny skylights and blue-sky cloud facades.  

Bleachers, huddle room, and breakfast nook help foster teamwork moments. We’ve even been known to have beach day BBQs or group movie dates for brainstorming.  

Feng shui--we enlisted a feng-shui master who uses energy flow to master plan our office. Every employee submitted their birthday and was assigned a desk facing East or West. We also offer generous health care plans and complementary alternative treatments like chiropractic so employees can take care of themselves and their families.  

Brain food + cool kitchen--our full-service kitchen encourages our employees to be able to cook food as they work. We offer nice touches like an espresso machine for energy boosts, free healthy snacks, and Perrier and we often provide lunch for the whole staff. Our office manager, Robert, often cooks for everyone, lovingly trying new recipes and filling the office with scents of fresh bread and warm cookies. We’ve omitted a microwave from the kitchen to protect our employees from potentially harmful EMFs.  

Keeping it wired--we’ve invited healthcare professionals into the office to demonstrate how wireless energy can have detrimental health effects. To that end, we make sure every employee has the opportunity to be hardwired to the Internet at all times. For times when the WiFi is a must, we don't like to get too close emf radiation, so we use this remote switch  

Making employees feel special and trusted--We always make sure the birthday boy or girl gets a card signed by everyone and we always have a treat on hand to celebrate their special day. We also keep employees abreast of the various food trucks and discount car wash that comes in occasionally, as those errands can fall to the wayside when you’re a full-time employee. We are probably more lax about the comings and goings of our employees because we TRUST them to take care of business. We grow with our employees as their families expand and their schedules get more complicated.

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