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Temple Run

 19. Temple Run 


temple run free download no wifi

Age 9+

Temple Run is one of the most popular games of all time. It tests players reflexes as they sprint along treacherous paths, slide under tree roots and flames, and narrowly escape demon monkeys. This app allows for in-app purchases and upgrades. When connected to the WiFi you are prompted to buy coins and upgrade your player for small fees but these pesky pop-ups disappear when the phone is disconnected. The game has a mysterious color scheme that is paired perfectly with exciting, heart pounding music.

We think you can easily play this game for anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour without any features being restricted by lack of WiFi connection. Considering this is such a fun game, we suggest setting a designated limit per day on how long your kids are allowed to use this app. Depending on age, we recommend 15 to 20 minutes for healthy, balanced tech use. We think this one warrants a timer on play of just 15 minutes at a time and please have conversation with your kids about how many apps are designed to entice and addict and how being mindful and creating healthy boundaries can help prevent potentially life disrupting obsession and addiction

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