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45% of Teens Say They're Online Almost Constantly!

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The result are in!

Wow.  Think about it.  Constantly, that means almost always. It means more time than not and it means there's a significant lack of balance with "real life" and "digital life" Although we can't say we're completely shocked, this statistic makes us sad. 

Are Adults Far behind?

If you're online you're not talking face to face with someone you care about, you're not dancing or hiking or looking at the stars.  Chances are these teens who make up almost half of all US teens aren't doing much of anything In Real Life if they are constantly online. 

So, Obsessed or Addicted?

And chances are they could be addicted to the internet or their screens.  This is where it gets serious.  Addiction, in any of it's forms, never leads to happiness or joy or a magical life.  And, the earlier addiction is dealt with the better. 

You and Your Teens Can Find Out Now

We're thrilled to be able to offer world renowned internet addiction expert Dr. Kimberly Young's Internet Addiction Test.  Results are Instant.


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