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Top Free Games Offline: Aquapark! For Tweens Through Adult

22. Aquapark.io 


aqua park io

Ages 12+

Number 22 on our list of 2019 Best Free Games Offline for Kids and Teens

Aquapark.io is an inherently competitive game that is available free on the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android (IOS 9.0 or later). There are optional in-app purchases- HOWEVER, once WiFi is disabled this isn’t an issue! The goal of this game is to reach the end of the water slide first while bumping other avatars out of the way. The app is entertaining and colorful with simple graphics and a straightforward goal. 

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE This app is designed to capture the fascination of young minds for hours on end. –Aquapark.io can spark an adrenaline rush and is therefore highly addictive. We think this one warrants a timer on play of just 15 minutes at a time and please have conversation with your kids about how many apps are designed to entice and addict and how being mindful and creating healthy boundaries can help prevent potentially life disrupting obsession and addiction.  

 TECH WELLNESS TIP To play this Free Game Offline: Connect device to WiFi to Download a free version of this App. Once the app is downloaded on your phone, disconnect your devise before opening the app. This disables those pesky advertisements and in-app purchase notifications! Try our EMF meter to detest sources of EMF in your home. To learn more great tips on how to keep you and your family safe from EMF, check out our Top 10 Ways To Avoid EMF Exposure

Download Here: 

aquapark.io iPhone download free  aquapark.io android free download

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