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Don't Update! iOS 15 Breaks Ethernet Adapter Access AND Tracks Your Location! Here's What You Need To Know Now.

Why is Apple preventing you from using the Ethernet to get to the internet without WiFi?

Lots of people are wondering why they their iPhone Dongles and Adapters stop working when they install iOS15.

Already, Reddit  has 100's of people weighing in on their broken adapters.

We know so many of you love using your iPhone WiFi- Free, so here's an important announcement about iPhone preventing Dongles and Adapters from accessing the internet.

Do NOT Update To iOS 15! We are Receiving Reports That NO Dongles Are allowed to access the internet With iPhone 15 iOS update.

Unfortunately, we're hearing that Apple is preventing use of any and all brands  dongles once the iOS 15 update has been installed. 

The Safetech Dongle isn't working with iOS 15.  The Belkin iPhone Adapter isn't working with iOS 15 and above.  The Foinex Adapter isn't working with iOS 15 and later.  Not One Amazon adapter is working once the iOS 15 update is installed.

Also we understand that going up to iOS 15.2 allows the dongle to work only temporarily.

Now for those of you who have never had the joy of using an Ethernet Dongle or adapter whilst scrolling online- here's why we LOVE it.

  • Super FAST speed- no WiFi means a direct connection to the internet
  • No "losing" WiFi signal.  Once you're connected, the signal doesn't come and go as it does with WiFi
  • No EMF radiation exposure.  You can use your iPhone, iPad and computers with WiFi, Bluetooth and Cell signal OFF or on Airplane mode.

apple ethernet adapter
UNTIL APPLE FIXES THIS UPDATE-Our advice is to skip this update anyway because of the new "battery" extension programming in this update leaves your phone ON, even when your phone is powered off.

Here's how that on while it's off feature works:  This operating system update includes a new feature that allows iPhone to send BlueTooth signal, plus the  EMF radiation that goes with it, if you utilize the Find My Phone feature. 

Apple has programmed the ability to access what ever battery power is left when the phone is powered completely off, to send Blue Tooth signal so that the Find My Phone option will keep on working until the battery dies completely.  OR until you put your phone in a Faraday which stops it from getting or sending signal.

What is a faraday?

We have lots of these Privacy and EMF Radiation Protectors To Choose From

faraday bag
The Crossbody Faraday Bag
The Faraday That's Not Fancy

The Faraday That's Not Fancy, But Nice

Here's How To Make Sure That Tracking While iPhone is OFF feature is not enabled.

 Go to FIND My under settings

Make Sure To Toggle Off:

  • Find My Network
  • Notify Me Of My Last Location

how to disable location tracking ios 15


Can You Go Backwards on a iOS update?

This link says you can.  You'll need to use your Apple ID and see what backups you currently have access to.  And it's important to remember this:

  • Back up before downloading-you're device will be reset completely!

  • Before you even try this process, please make sure to back up your photos, videos, contacts- everything important. 

  • Make Sure You Have An Archived Back-Up From The iOS that you're Downgrading to

The Tom's Guide link notes that only very recent release of iOS will work using this downgrading method.  But, if you've update to 15 and just can't stand the idea of this new operating system preventing you from dongling to internet or you're super uncomfortable with your device staying on even when its "OFF"  then you many want to try the downgrade.

We'll let you know when Apple addresses the inability to access the internet with an adapter or dongle with a newer update. Subscribe to our email for details.

Be Safe and Be Well!


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