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Cell Phone, We May Need Some Distance.

Inspired By JOY OF MOM; Vicki's Live Facebook Steams. Must Watch & Become Apart of Her Community!

As FaceTimer myself--often from my iPhone--I know I need to keep my distance from my little radiation machine. With that, as much as I possibly can.  Here's a quick demo of why. I would LOVE it if everyone (Vicki, Jill you beautiful Joy Of Mom's- especially)--anyone who spends time Live Streaming, FaceTiming, Skype etc--from your phone, try not to hold it. Please try to do this whenever you can.  Put it on a table, use speaker or headsets. But, don't hold that phone in your hand because there's RF radiation or EMF emanating from it.  You can't see it or feel it or smell it, but it's there and it could be interfering with the energy in your body. So better to be safe, then sorry.  I've got more information and lots of research in my EMF Basic If you're looking for a selfie stick (believe me, I know there goofy looking) I've found an inexpensive but nice one on Amazon and in my shop . . .

Be Well ! -xo August

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