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January 5- 8 2020 - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Opern to the General Public as well!  This seminar focuses on the Building Biology principles and their relevance and pratical application in the Electromagnetic and Indoor air quality of our buildings in America today. Through in-depth understanding of these environmental concerns, the Building Biology Institute teaches how to create healthy indoor environments.


Wireless Radiation, Keeping Safer in a Wireless World:

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Are you worried about all the cell towers popping up? Curious about 5G? want to know how to reduce your exposure to EMF to keep yourself and your family safe? Dafna is a leading expert and advocate on the harmful effects of wireless technology. This is located in Venture at the EP Foster Library at 6:30 pm.  651 E. Main Street. Ventura--Free To All

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Email: emfawareness9@gmail.com

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