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Your Internet Privacy Is At Risk: Fix It In A Snap!

Prepare to be SHOCKED

Right after you read this article, go to and enter your name. You’ll be shocked at what you see! You, your birthdate, all of your family members and possible “associates” (usually people who have lived with you at some point – roommates or ex-partners) and your current address as well as a list of your past residences! It seems www.familytreenow is sort of a faux family genealogy site that acts a personal database aggregator. What’s the difference between this site and peek you, white pages, rocket reach, Spokeo? The biggest difference between those other sites is that FamilyTreeNow is free and therefore, accessible to anyone. There’s no legwork nor subscription of any kind. It goes back for most people 10-20 years. It doesn’t go back farther than that, and it seems to have more information on people that use social media.

Cybersecurity and You

You can look at two ways: Some say it’s like a modern day phone book with a few new twists. Old school phone book has listed home addresses. Certain records – birth certificates, marriage/divorce records are a matter of public record, and that’s just life. Well, TechWellness looks at it a different way. We think EVERYONE should be concerned: not just celebrities, women with a history of domestic violence, victims of stalking, law enforcement, etc. How can this information be misused? Does its potential for misuse outweigh any benefit?

Here’s how to opt out of Family Tree Now using their privacy policy:

1. Enable cookies
2. Go to the bottom of homepage. Click "Privacy Policy"family tree privacy
3. In Item 1, at the end of the paragraph: Click "opt out"
4. You'll be taken to another screen.  After confirming you're not a robot, Click Opt Outopt out of records
5. Enter your name in search box
6. Find your correct name and birthday
public records, family tree
7. Click red 'opt out' button
8. If you see this screen-  SUCCESS!

9. Check back in 48 hours to repeat the search and confirm you correctly opted out.

Disconnecting from our Connected World

It seems purposefully tricky to opt out, possibly because opting out would mean that the website couldn't sell your details to marketers and third-party advertisers. It will say that it will take up to 48 hours for your profile to disappear, but it will probably be a lot quicker than that. You can also email them, but we don’t recommend it, as this site has bee inundated with angry citizens concerned with privacy. There are families out there threatening to sue the website although the actual legality of the law seems unclear. We personally could not find any minors we knew on the site, and remember the FTC’s Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule or "COPPA" law protects minors, just like it does concerning “connected” talking toys.

Digital Privacy gets more complicated

Some people say that Googling yourself only makes it worse, by creating aggregate datapoint pathways to further confirm you, in fact, are YOU? It acts sort of like SEO or Search Engine Optimization for your identity. We say – Do a privacy check-up twice a year and opt out of everything you can. Don’t forget to check out your loved ones, too! Stay Safe in our Wireless World,  And here's one more way to make sure you do-- CreepBlockers!

privacy staying private

xo August

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