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Free Kids Games That Don’t Need WiFi or Internet #5 - Bubble Shooter

5. Bubble Shooter     

Getting ready to play without WiFi?  Radiation is strongest next to the router. So here's a tip turn it off. Try our favorite remote switch. We like it because it lets you get a nice distance between the EMF WiFi energy. Great for you and your toddler.                                                                                           


Ages 5 to 90 

Shooter. Lots of colorful bubbles. One Shooter in the center. That’s it. Rotate the shooter with your fingers or a stylus and the bubble burster automatically fires once you’ve set your aim.

The cool part about this Free game is that you get 40 chances with each re-set. The formations change with each re-set of the game so it doesn’t get boring. Ages 6 will enjoy just as much as a 16 year old will like bursting the bubbles. If you like bursting the little bubbles on plastic bubble wrap, you'll relate to this.

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