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Free Kids Games That Don’t Need WiFi or Internet #7 - Bejeweled Classic

7. Bejeweled Classic                                                                         


     offline game for children

Ages 5+

Bejeweled is a classic! Happy colorful fun for the whole family and in-app purchases aren't required to enjoy. Keep the whole fam radiation free with this simple, easy to play and very engaging—dare we say it's an addicting game.

Like the—I just can't stop playing—Candy Crush, Bejeweled really can pull you in! Since we're talking to Moms here, who also may end up playing the game, you may want to take a look at our simple device addiction quiz. Results and recommendations are provided instantly, without any forms. We value your privacy at Tech Wellness.

 TECH WELLNESS TIP  Dr. Kimberly Young recommends a weekly digital detox  so the entire family can keep devices and how we use them in perspective.  Or you may want to try this Tech Self-care strategy

The Free version offers a few games, but the one most suited for youngsters is the Classic version. Play with your child the first few times to explain how it works.

We cover more AMAZING detox suggestions in this video: 

To create healthy distance between yourself and your phone while using headphones, try our new airtube wired headset

Download Here:

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