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Less Face-to-Screen, More Eyes on the Fries

McDonald's Wants You To "Lock Up" Your Phones!

A McDonald’s location in Singapore is testing a new concept called, “Phone off. Fun on.” This particular location has families temporarily place their phones in see-through lockers to encourage uninterrupted bonding over nuggets and fries. How great is that! Fast-food tastes better without interruptions anyway, right? This campaign is targeted towards families but is FREE for anyone to use. So, eyes on the fries, not the screen.

Our Philosophy...

Has been since the beginning, “the less device time, the better!” At Tech Wellness, we focus on the variety of reasons why using our modern devices less is important. This ranges from cyber security, EMF/RF radiation, or simply because it’s mentally exhausting to be “online” all the time. We’ve all been there when we lose track of time and suddenly find ourselves on our twice-removed-cousin’s-ex’s Instagram feed from 2013. Awkward. To go to all that effort sounds completely draining, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us and has resulted in many silent family meals. This is why it was so amazing for us to see that a HUGE company like McDonald's is taking steps to deal with this common issue. We’re very knowledgeable of the tremendous input of time and energy into technology, whether it’s intentional or not. But no need to fret. We’ve got your back when it comes to living a healthy and mindful lifestyle around it! Life is precious and it’s crucial to put away our phones to cherish those moments to connect with loved ones. The campaign is only taking place at the Singapore location, yet we are curious to see if this concept travels farther. We hope more McDonald’s locations, as well as other kinds of restaurants/businesses, catch on.

An afterthought, why don’t we take this concept and start practicing it at home? Us at Tech Wellness talk about these kinds of practices fervently! This ritual should—above all—be utilized at the dinner table. Family time is one of the most important aspects of a healthy, happy family dynamic and positive childhood development. Just because one place has done this, why don’t you! Pick a “basket” or a special place to temporarily leave your phones during family meals, or other family gatherings. And, don't forget to shhh your phones. Enjoy the quality time.

What do you think of this? Share your comments below! If taking a “digital detox” break sounds enticing, check out our tips below to do so here. Be Well!

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