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Why A Laptop Does Not Belong On Your Lap. Dirty Electricity and EMF Radiation And Your Health

There's  A Lot of EMF radiation and magnetic electromagnetic fields coming from your laptop!


Why is Laptop EMF So High?

The screen or the monitor-and logic board emit the magnetic fields and RF or  radio frequency radiation comes from the WiFi- or wireless card and the Bluetooth antennae.

The double whammy of EMF exposure is one super important reason you shouldn't really be close to a laptop--let alone put it on your lap

A laptop is better kept off your lap, because of the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) both the magnetic and the RF.

But the FCC says to keep them off your lap, due to "thermal safety" and notes that a laptop should be kept  8" away from your body. The FCC regulation is pretty clear:

“Mobile devices are transmitters designed to be used in such a way that a separation distance of at least 20 centimeters is normally maintained between the transmitter's radiating structure(s) and the body of the user or nearby persons.”  -FCC BULLETIN 65

But how would you know? This keep your laptop 8 inches from your body warning is buried DEEP in your user manual.

How Far Should You Be From Your Laptop?

The research is in and it shows that by moving the laptop-even just 12 inches away from touching your beautiful body- you can significantly reduce the amount of toxic EMF coming from your device.

wifi switch off kill

Want to eliminate EMF Radiation in your home? Easily turn off your WiFi with a switch. 

Should You Use A Laptop Shield?

So many people ask us that very question.  Do laptop shields work?  Well, yes and no.

Laptop protectors or shields are made of metallic material.  Metallic material does an excellent job of blocking or "containing" Radio Frequency (RF) radiation fields.  As  matter of fact, fine mesh metallic material is used to line Faraday Bags.  Properly sealed metal lined Faraday bags can keep EMF radiation from getting in to the bag and out of the bag.  That's why I love to keep my cellphone in one.

The Research Explains Why Laptop Shields Are A Bad Idea

The metallic material in the shield that blocks the radiation coming from any antenna(like the one WiFi and Bluetooth antennae in laptop)can wreak havoc on the side of the material that's closest to the EMF radiation source.

Here's Why:  When one side of the shield blocks the source of radiation, that lovely metal mesh material actually causes more EMF to occur on the side that's doing the blocking.

On one side of the shield, EMF is directly lessened, because it cant' get through the metal material. But the EMF has to go somewhere!  Think about it:

  • your hands, and your waistline are directly interacting with the increased EMF being "reflected" by the material as it blocks the EMF from directly touching your lap. 
  • You're also getting more EMF to your chest, arms and that gorgeous face.
  • And The EMF That's Being Blocked IS INCREASING in intensity

Using metal patches to diminish radiation behind the patch, is generally risky because, as with any partial shielding, there may be hardly detectable spots of increased radiation due to interference at different other locations in the body. As explained, all metallic objects concentrate on them EMFs/EMR by electromagnetic coupling and immediately reflecting them. This means, on the one side of the metal object/surface to-wards the EMF-source, intensity increases, while on the other side decreases. Thus, all metallic objects, including metallic minerals, such as shungite, claimed to protect from EMFs/EMR (Kurotchenko et al.,2003) should be avoided close to the body of an EHS person since they can increase exposure. Alleged protective effects from such products do not seem to make any sense.

Dimitris J. Panagopoulos , George P. Chrousos 


The scientists go on to say, "One of the great dangers with partial shielding is that radiation can create interference spots of increased intensity at non-shielded parts of the body.

When You Use A Laptop Shield, You're Not Shielding Your Entire Body From The Laptop

That might seem obvious, but I think many of us would like to believe we're really really being safe and protected.

Of course all the radiation and all the magnetic EMF coming from the screen and all that RF radiation coming from the antenna's that sit near the hinges or the speakers is not prevented from coming up towards our body.  Not at all.

You're Better Off Putting The Laptop On A Fluffy Pillow or Laptop Desk, Then On A Shield

As we say here at Tech Wellness, the best EMF prevention/protection is DISTANCE. Put that laptop on a desk or pillow—12 inches or more away.  We know this because we've measured this wireless RF radiation of many laptops in our office and we see the energy consistently drop off to a much lower level at a minimum of 12 inches.  Here's a great little EMF Radiation meter that lets you see and here the invisible EMF radiation.

laptop desk

Distance is Your Friend--and don't forget your fingers and hands.  When I use my laptop- I've got it wired to a keyboard so I don't come in contact with even the electrical or magnetic EMF from my laptop.   Full disclosure:  It's wired to the internet too.


This is Shaun Kranish showing the measurement of dirty electricity running through his body when the laptop is un-grounded and then grounded

grounding adapter measuring micro-amps going

No Grounding: 9.97 Micro-amps

If you must use a computer that's charging--make sure you use a grounding device! 
And, if you have to use the internet, please make sure you're using a Wired connection!

Here's Me, August showing you the EMF radiation when laptop is using WiFi

EMF radiation from Laptop
WiFi enabled shows levels of up to  9.794 Microwatts per square centimeter
wired laptop radiation with no wifi
When the Laptop is Wired to The Internet EMF levels of up to .0685!

WiFi EMF Dangers and Your Body

The energy that comes from the WiFi is EMF radiation.  Sometimes it's called Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) or Electromagnetic Radiation(EMR) and sometimes it's referred to simply as EMF as it is an Electromagnetic Field.

So, when we look at research about what happens when our bodies our exposed to WiFi, we look at studies of cellphone radiation and WiFi radiation and health effects.

Here are some recent scientific articles that find a link between your cell phone, WiFi or Bluetooth wireless device and:

Memory Depression and The Nervous System

Behaviour ADHD and Autism developed in-utero




Decreased Hormone Levels

The Endocrine System


The US Government's 25 million dollar National Toxicology Program or NTP  concluded there's definitely an issue in it's"largest and most complex"  research study:

"NTP scientists found that RFR exposure was associated with an increase in DNA damage. Specifically, they found RFR exposure was linked with significant increases in DNA damage in:

  • the frontal cortex of the brain in male mice,
  • the blood cells of female mice, and
  • the hippocampus of male rats.


We always remind our Tech Wellness community to avoid using a laptop that's plugged in, but for times when that's just not possible(did someone say "low battery?)then by all means, use this grounded Ethernet adapter device.

A recent study that EMF radiation during pregnancy can have an effect on fetal growth  You can view many other studies in our research section.

Your laptop also emits magnetic energy (another type of EMF) If you want to know more about RF and EMF we've got a really comprehensive guide with the best ideas to avoid it.  At Tech Wellness, we are most concerned with wireless because of the amazing increase in the amount of RF radiation we're all exposed do from our ever-increasing use of wireless devices and wireless transmitters.

And- the whole laptop not on your lap idea gets even more fuel when you realize that manufacturers probably are not taking the "thermal limits" the FCC mandates too seriously. 

A 2019 Research Report Found That Cellphones EXCEED FCC Limits When Placed Against the Body.  That Means You"re Getting Too Much Radiation Exposure When Hold Your Cellphone OR Use Your Laptop On Your Lap

What's The Best Way To Use A Laptop To Protect Against EMF?

wire your devices to the internet

As we showed you with the pillow demo, Distance is Your Friend- but let's not forget your fingers and hands.  When I use my laptop- I've got it wired to a keyboard and mouse so I don't come in contact with even the magnetic EMF from my laptop.   And for FULL protection from the WiFi radiation coming from the WiFi Antenna:  It's wired to the internet too.

How do I know how much radiation ithere is?

    Wire It Baby- All the Way

    But our favorite recommendation to avoid the RF radiation altogether is is to keep your laptop wired with WiFi and Bluetooth off.

    Access the internet via an Ethernet cable. I insist my employees do this at work. Plus, your internet will be faster and much more secure. And our entire work-space can be a haven from the massive Laptop RF-Radiation from the wireless energy of 20 devices powered on in one space.

    Another tip I personally use is utilizing an external keyboard so the CPU is kept at a farther distance. Easy peasy! Use a wired mouse and printer, too—just like we implore you to keep your landline as a healthier option to mobile and cordless phones when at home. Using a wired auxiliary keyboard and wired mouse is a great idea so you don't have to touch your warm mouse-pad with your fingertips. This heat emanates two other forms of yucky EMF energy: magnetic and electric.

    Make your stationary laptop set-up as comfy as you can so you aren't tempted to break away and use your computer wirelessly.

      Can't Wire Up?

      Two Tips If you can't commit to wiring up or on the occasion that you're using your laptop on the go.

      • Put it on a desk or a counter
      • Don't charge while using it.  Let it run on battery for less EMF exposure
      • Avoid YouTube or Facetiming The most potentially harmful and strong EMF energy happens when you are streaming video, so don't do that—or download your file when the laptop is not near your body.
      • Turn off any EMF radiation source that you're not using-
      • Turn Off WiFi and you'll eliminate one source of radiation
      • Turn Off Bluetooth and you'll eliminate one source of radiation

      When it Comes to Laptop RF Radiation- Kids Matter Most

      Children are  susceptible to EMF absorption in general because of their undeveloped bones are not as thick and the radiation penetrates more. But with laptops especially we see even more of an issue.

      Their little bodies are too tiny to be situated properly at a desk and the antenna of a laptop is likely to level with their head and chest. Tablets are just as problematic; perhaps even more so because children hold them so close to their bodies. A desktop is a better option for them as the CPU will probably be on the floor away from them. Plus, you can monitor their web usage more for safety reasons.

      Side note--not only protect your young ones from radiation but have them wear orange glasses if they're little tech-junkies. Of course, we advise you to keep them from using in the wee hours of the night, but if they must or they have lots of homework to do, orange glasses are a great investment. Even for you! We have them in all kinds of styles. The health benefits are amazing and completely worth it. They improve sleep, mood, and appetite. 

        True Story...

        During the editorial process of this article, a friend told us a truly worrying story. His wife is six months pregnant with their first child. One recent night, she called him downstairs to show him her belly. She'd been working on the internet and resting her laptop on her belly (Oy vey, I know!) She noticed the baby would start moving vigorously every time she placed the laptop back down on her abdomen, and she wanted her husband to see because she thought it was neat. Luckily, her husband told her to stop and explained the details of laptop RF radiation.  And that, folks, is why Tech Wellness works so hard to bring you preventative education (backed up with scholarly articles) that you can share with your loved ones. Below is an excerpt from a research article from Dr. Devra Davis entitled, "Why Children Absorb More Microwave Radiation and The Consequences":

        "Children absorb more MWR than adults because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner and their relative size is smaller. MWR from wireless devices has been declared a possible human carcinogen. Children are at greater risk than adults when exposed to any carcinogen. Because the average latency time between first exposure and diagnosis of a tumor can be decades, tumors induced in children may not be diagnosed until well into adulthood. The fetus is particularly vulnerable to MWR."

        We hope you take this information with hope and know that there ARE solutions, with experts behind them.

        Live Well & Bell Well, 

        XO August  

        Here's the research 

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