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Covers & Mufflers: Your Webcam Might Be Peeping In On You

Webcam Covers and Microphone Mufflers are a Cybersecurity MUST:  Creep Blockers  

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg uses a webcam cover and tapes his microphone!

Zuckerberg posted a shot of himself celebrating a milestone on Facebook as you can see in the photo below. James Comey, FBI Director advised America to cover their Webcams and even Zachary Quinto reported that after working on the Snowden movie, he blocked his camera too.  

Zuckerberg Post Zoom


Why? Well, there are literally hundreds of articles and videos online that talk about hackers using Remote Access Technology or “RATS”. These articles profile how the government - or someone else--is putting spyware on your computer and accessing your camera or your mic to listen in and take a look. Totally creepy

 TV News Reports Demonstrate Need for Webcam Covers

Even 60 Minutes did a demo on a story about how China is stealing the IP of big business. So, is all this true and is there anything about it? Well, yes, it seems to happen and there are some precautions you can take. Like updating software, using a firewall and antivirus software. And then there are basic and easy privacy security steps you can take—like using a webcam cover and blocking your microphone. Zachary Quinto said, “It’s not paranoia; It’s mindfulness”, and I LIKE that! It’s exactly why I’ve covered my cam and microphone for years. And it’s why I’m encouraging you to start using a webcam cover on your phone, computers, laptops, SmartTV's and Xboxes. Virtually any webcam in your home–I mean really, your business is your business, right? And I applaud anyone who takes measures to keep it that way.

 Webcam Cover Effectiveness

But, do camera and microphone cover work? Well, yes, the camera cover is pretty straightforward. Cover it with something opaque and sure, you can’t be seen...but sticky residue might harm your lenses and can look unsightly. The microphone is a bit more tricky, because:

1. The microphones are often difficult to find.
2. Usually, there’s more than one so you need to cover all of them.
3. They are often embedded, hiding from the ability to cover them efficiently.

BUT, I’ve discovered that–at the very least–you can muffle the really clear sound reception that can be discerned when your phone is just laying around or is in your pocket. Consider your mic to be on and listening at all times (because it probably is.) I tried all kinds of materials, bandages, duct tape, other kinds of tapes (Post-Its, etc.) During that time, I became really frustrated and annoyed by hearing about so many friends reporting that they saw their camera light on (by ITSELF.) I was inundated with anecdotes about people who took their phone inside a movie screening or to an AA meeting. Get this– they were immediately served ads for that movie or promotions for vodka and whiskey! Completely unfair and creepy!! I just had to come up with something cool and easy to use. Something that even my not-concerned twenty-something daughters would like enough to use every day and that would actually enhance their phone or Internet experience.

Introducing the Most Creative Webcam Covers and the only Microphone Mufflers!

So I created CREEPBLOCKERS. High-quality reusable webcam covers and microphone mufflers made with a material that has just enough cling to stay and no tacky tape that could harm a camera lens or microphone. The best creative minds in our advertising agency got together and came up with over 60 awesome icons that come in two variations of design packs: “Sweet” edition has adorable choices from sunglasses, puppies, biceps and hearts specifically for your phone camera and fabulous computer cam covers that warn “Not today” or “Nope” and “No Paparazzi Please”. We offer cheerful and inspirational statements such as “Dance Like No One’s Watching “and “Oh, Hello Beautiful” to make you smile and brighten your day. Plus, we made sure we had large and small microphone covers and pieces you could custom-cut should you need.  We even created a #UpToUS  Creep Blocker for Shailene Woodley, star of Snowden The webcam covers and mic mufflers can come off easily when you Skype or FaceTime and then it goes right back on for continued privacy. They're safe, residue-free, reusable and made of high-quality vinyl and proudly Made in the USA! 

We’d love to hear about and know that you are taking the smallest steps to safeguard your privacy. Even putting your device away–away from your conversations or your continual whereabouts would give you at least some of your well-deserved privacy. Try it, my friends! Here’s to worrying-less in our wireless world!  

August Brice

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