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How A Man (Finally!) Found Out Pinterest Is The Way To A Woman's Heart

This could be the best love story of the year so far! When someone tweeted recently, wondering "Is Pinterest still around? I've never figured out what to use it for," we got the answer that made women go "aww!" collectively around the world. A man named Jordan replied, "I have a secret account that follows my wife's. She has no clue how I always get her what she wants." Cue the "aww!" Jordan may very well not only be the sweetest, but also the smartest man alive.

For years women have been "pinning" their wishes and Pinterest certainly has the reputation of it being a "girly" thing. Finally, a man has (publicly) figured it out, and it's no wonder his response has now gone viral. Even though Jordan's wife is one lucky woman, being Tech Wellness, we noticed that this reminded us once again how "not private" our thoughts are online. It's cute when your husband stalks your social media for presents. But what if Jordan was a stranger? Makes the story instantly creepy, right?

Our Pinterest boards say so much about us. We can easily accidentally give away where we live, what our names are, where we work, etc. If a stalker/creep is determined, they can easily find out anything about us by how often we voluntarily share personal things online. The solution? Keep your boards private, or only allow people you know to follow them. And, to be extra safe and smart, get some of our Creepblockers--block those creepers from creeping on your gorgeous face and voice! They're completely effective, stylish, and durable.

Your privacy is worth it. Stay safe & Be Well,

xoxo August

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