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Jetpack Joyride Our 2019 Best Games Without Internet

23. Jetpack Joyride


offline gaming

Ages 13+

One of our favorites on our 2019 Best Games to Play Without The Internet list!  This game allows players to blast off in their state-of the-art jetpacks; dodge lasers zappers and missiles, and race around laboratories. When connected to WiFi players are able to compete against other, online, players. This is the biggest different between playing this game on and off-line. The graphics are charming and the game is a manageable pace.

There are options for in-app purchases that will cease once the devise is disconnected from and without the Internet. When connected to Internet or to cell services you are able to purchase advanced jet packs, more coins, and various embellishments on the app store. Like purchasing anything on the app store, the device must be connected to data or WiFi and the account password provided-but you can also download this app using a wired connection to your smartphone or tablet.

offline, disconnected from internet

Your hand eye coordination is tested, as you have to jet pack over missiles, slide under lasers, and jump to gather coins. The app is fun and easy to play, you control the animated avatar’s movement by pressing and holding or swiping on the screen. You can easily spend anywhere from 30 to 45 minuets lost in this game. It is crucial to discuss allotted screen time with your teens!

 TECH WELLNESS TIP Protect your teens from Webcam Hacking with these trendy Creep Blockers . Of course you won't have to worry about someone accessing their computer camera when they're playing without the internet, but when they are online, camera hacking is the number two hack says our Cybersecurity expert, Bryan Neumeister.

 TECH WELLNESS TIP Use airtube headphones when listening to music or making a phone call. The pocket of air protects your beautiful brain from EMF. 

Download Here: 

iphone jetpack joyride android jetpack joyride



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