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Real Housewives of OC's Heather DuBrow loves CreepBlockers!

You may know Heather Dubrow from the Real Housewives of Orange County, but I wish you knew her like I do. I met Heather years ago when we were both volunteering for a charity here in Orange County called Harvesters--and we've been friends ever since. Harvesters present an annual fashion show and luncheon to benefit our county food bank. Heather has played a mom on TV, but in real life, she's a mom of four (including twins!)

She takes motherhood and parenting quite thoughtfully.  I love her awareness and how liberally she shares--we can learn a lot from Heather. Recently, she's been a whirlwind, launching a highly-rated, anti-aging book with her plastic surgeon husband Terry called "Dr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig," trying out all things skincare.

At the same time, she's also launched a light-hearted and fun podcast called Heather Dubrow's World. She talks about everything beauty, fashion, style, wellness, parenting and more with her assistant,  Natalie. Heather is no stranger to taking parenting topics head-on, in her practical frank way. In this most recent episode of her podcast, she talks about often--uncomfortable topics of puberty and privacy--and highlights our CreepBlocker technology-helper while doing so here.

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