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Do Smartphones & Intimacy Make A Happy Couple?


Today, CBS this Morning reported that people between the ages of 18-30 are having less sex; and by less sex we mean--20% of Americans-- and that number doubled in the last decade. According to New York Times’  reporter, Jodi Kantor, “there’s been a huge shape in the contour in our lives--having children later, having fewer children--but also about the day-to-day ways we live our lives. Americans are having less sex as a whole and this is led by younger people.”


Here’s the reason why (and of course, Tech Wellness is all over this): Kantor goes on to assert that “the chief culprit does tend to be smartphones” Well, what do you knowthey really are that annoying. So how come? She goes onto to explain that there has been a “decay of social bonds, generally, and lack of in-person quality time.”


We’ve been discussing the consequences of smartphones for years. We've talked about compulsive texting, blue-light, EMF’s, and now this. This all makes sense. We already know it's hard to have a conversation with someone who’s constantly on their screen… Why do you think we made a shirt that said, LOOK AT ME NOT YOUR PHONE…?

Smartphone and Sex Look at Me Not your Phone

At Tech Wellness, we are about preserving our mind, bodies, and overall well being in the healthiest manner possible in our approach to day-to-day technology. Human connections are what make life beautiful. Intimacy is just one more reason to put down your phone.

So go on, put that phone down and give ‘em a big smooch. Eye contact is sexier than looking at a face lit up by a screen, any day.

Here’s the research:

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