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Cyber Security & Search Engine, You're On 'The Hot Seat'!

Who Doesn't Love Spotlight?

I’ve always loved the Search feature on the Mac's with the little magnifying glass up in the corner. It truly is a lovely shortcut that searches every little thing and place on your computer. Therefore, you don’t have to remember if you put a file in a personal folder or a work folder. Also, if you can’t find a program or an app, or a widget, like your calculator, Spotlight makes it quick and easy. It even works with external drives that you have connected.


But, How Illuminating is the Light?

Pretty good. Most of the time. Spotlight automatically searches your computer and the internet. BUT, Not only does Spotlight highlight your search results, it also sends them and related usage, oh my!! to Apple!! Look, here’s the disclosure right here!

spotlight sharing dataSending all the information to Apple is the default setting. Do you want all that information stored somehow by Apple? If that makes you feel uncomfortable like it does me, it’s simple to eliminate internet participation and results sharing by doing this-

  1. 1  Go To System Preferences:

make your spotlight private

2. Click On Magnifying Glass Icon and  you'll see This:

how to customize privacy settings select privacy

3. Uncheck Bing Web Searchers

4. Uncheck Allow Spotlight Suggestions in Spotlight and Look Up.

DONE!  You'll still be able to search your computer for what you're looking for. To search online All those nasty 'anti" privacy policies come into play.  Apple, Bing, and Yahoo are cataloging your search results.  ONLY Duck Duck Go doesn't.  Watch and read here.  You smart savvy Internet Traveler You.

But Wait, There's More

PC Users:  Cortana and Bing are nosy too! Check out the blog and get details on what they do, how they do it and how to stop them from sending information to Microsoft. Here's to Tech Wellness in our Connected World!

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