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Try Not to Boast on Social & Here's Why

Resist the urge to show off!

We know, it’s hard. We get it. I run an advertising agency. I know how important presentation is.  With Instagram accounts like “Rich Kids of Russia” or what have you, it’s difficult not to share when you’ve had a super-fancy meal or made a big purchase you love.

A good way to address this within yourself is to ask, “What’s my motivation?” If it’s to inspire jealousy, rather than truly inform, share or inspire - perhaps push the pause button on that post.

Don’t advertise when you are out of town!

Refrain from posting vacation pics until you are back, and absolutely no “checking in” to the airport on social media. You are giving would be burglars all the info they need.

Read up on security where you are going.

It’s hard to believe the security staff was let off for the night at the Paris hotel where Kim was staying. I love a good travel deal, but we keep seeing news features of people getting robbed (or worse) as tourists venture off the beaten path. The poorer the area, the more need and opportunity created for would-be criminals to take advantage and target tourists. And sometimes that can mean a less secure government and a possible corrupt task force translates into little fear in local burglars, meaning you’ll have little chance of locating your stolen goods ever.

Always be Aware of Your Surrounding and Stay Alert... 

When you travel.  Especially when you're alone. No matter where you're traveling. Travel is Europe can be rife with pickpocketing culture and less violent crimes (usually - but not in this case.) Did you know that the suspects in the Kardashian case happen to be a very, very sophisticated jewelry heist gang? From USA Today’s 10/21/16 article:

The Pink Panthers are a network of loosely organized teams of robbers throughout Europe and made up mostly of former Yugoslavian soldiers who fought in the Bosnian war of the 1990s, the 60 Minutes report said. The gang is known for its speed, minimal violence and careful planning, including methodically casing targets and gaining entry through a ruse (such as dressing as police officers).

Don’t travel with or flash valuables on social media.

At this point, you probably know about Kim K’s unbelievable emerald-cut diamond wedding ring (weighing in a jaw-dropping 20 carats). You can just picture the burglars salivating over images Kim K plastered everywhere, can't you.  A good rule of thumb is: how much is your certain valuable worth? Would you carry anywhere near that much (in this case, then a 4 million dollar jewel) on your person, in your wallet or purse? Of course not. Some people travel with cocktail jewelry that mirrors their actual gems. I think getting dummy jewelry is a great idea. (Nobody can probably tell, anyway.)

Secure your phone! 

Your cell phone is a treasure trove of who you are, where you live, and what you have to offer criminals. Kim K was a vocal proponent of having a non-smart device (in her case, a Blackberry) in addition to keeping an iPhone. We at TechWellness think this is an awesome idea (more on that later). Hopefully, Kim uses a difficult password.

Did you know you can pass on the simple 4 digit password and go for a more complicated one? Go to Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode and slide Simple Passcode OFF. That way, your phone is essentially useless to thieves and they are less likely to pocket it in the first place.

Consider home security measures.

It’s just a fact - home alarms deter burglars, studies show (even if it’s just an ADT sign in your yard.) Don’t use a dummy key hidden under an obvious place like a mat or rock by the front door. It’s better to keep a key with a nearby trusted relative or neighbor - or better yet, you can have combo lock like realtors use. Motion-activated searchlights are a terrific idea too and help you navigate around in the dark anyway. 

Insure your valuables.

Even if you don’t think your stuff is worth anything - you’ll miss it when it’s gone. Even if you're not a homeowner, renter's insurance is cheap! (Usually a couple dollars a month) Once our office was burgled and my husband and our office manager were so livid. My office manager was bent on locating the stolen goods on Craigslist. But, I wasn’t too upset. Everything was insured and it made the experience more of just a headache and less traumatic.

Take a social media break.

It is reported that Kim has only been seen publicly twice since her robbery. The Kardashian clan is shaken and is invariably reflecting on what they can do differently in the future. However, it’s hard not to picture Kim welcoming the bliss that comes with a simpler home life. Take note: we have lots of typing for de-teching your life on other blog entries. 

Be Safe Out There & Be Well! X

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