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10 Best EMF Protection Tips. And Better Yet- 5 Let You Avoid EMF For FREE!

Now... Our Top 10 Tech Wellness Top EMF Protection Tips To Reduce EMF Radiation-that Actually Work!

      1. Maintain A Smart Distance From Your Smart Phone, Laptops and WiFi. 

    Why? Radiation exposure drops significantly as you move it away from your body. By orders of magnitude.  EMFwise has a really good page of charts showing the safest distance you can be from any wireless device.  The lengths are very conservative and the recommendations tell you the approximate distances required to reach the Salzburg Precautionary Limit of 2001 and 2002.  They point out that with the high levels of power density coming from our newest devices is requiring that we move further and further away because effects are being reported at lower and lower levels of exposure.  But if you want to be super-safety minded check out the page.

        2. Use Speaker Phone Instead Of Putting The Phone To Your Ear

      I love to put my phonein a stand, at least one foot away or hang it off my wrist using a strap. If it’s a sensitive matter or you just want to model good netiquette try a quality air tube headset

      3. Use A Faraday Bag To Completely Block Signal.

      For EMF Protection and Privacy. Every Faraday in our collection, including the August Cross Body,  completely block All RF signals And EMF radiation. Triple-lined Faraday material gives you impenetrable protection and complete privacy from 5G. Remember, when your smartphone is safe inside the Faraday pouch, YOU'RE OFF THE GRID.  No calls, or texts, or news updates--and NO EMF.  Our August Crossbody features a "Talk Pocket" up front.  If you need to make a call, just move the phone into the Talk Pocket sleeve, plug in your TAUKI air tube earphones and talk it out.


        4. When texting, use a stylus. 

        Set the phone on a solid surface, whip out one of these and everyone in Starbucks will be instantly intrigued and you'll will enjoy some distance between the EMF and your fingertips.  Many people are finding relief from "scrolling numbness"  Have you ever noticed that you're fingers start to feel numb or tingle after touching the screen for awhile?  That could be ther RF radiaton or Magnetic fields coming from the screen.  A stylus will help.

          5. Whenever possible, just switch to Airplane Mode on all your devices. 

          And reduce radiation by turning off WiFi and BlueTooth when you're not using them.  Do this on your laptop, tablet and computer.  Remember that all the different functions eliminate a type of EMF: Bluetooth low level radiation, cellphone signal radiaiton and WiFi radiaiton are all spewing electromagnetic radiation.

            6.  Eliminate Radiation and EMF from your rejuevenating spaces. 

            And seriously my friends, please don’t bring your phone to bed with you! A recent survey showed that 71% of people who own a smartphone, sleep with it! That’s embarrassing. Here’s something else very sad: 35% of respondents said their first thought in the morning is about their smartphone; 10% said it was for their significant other. Th Best practice is to leave your phone in another room and get an analog alarm clockIf you feel you MUST have it close by, at least switch to airplane mode before you turn in.

              7.  Turn Your WiFi off at Night or whenever it's not in use. 

              The WiFi is likely the greatest source of radiation in your home, so don't go near it to turn it off, instead use a remote switch to make it easier and safer.

                8.  Watch Your Bars And Signal Strength

                The fewer signal bars your device is showing, the harder it is trying to connect with an antenna, WiFi, or base station. The EMF coming from your device can double in some cases. So be aware. If you’ve only got a bar or two, make sure you aren’t holding the phone and push it as far away as you can.

                  9.  Connect Your Devices Without WiFi By Hard Wiring To The Internet.

                  Easily With Our Wire Up Kit. Try Connecting Your Devices to The Internet.  You can hardwire with Shielded Ethernet cable and you'll find an adaptor for all your devices.  This hardwiring hack completely eliminates wireless EMF radiation.  

                    10. Remove Your Smartmeter. 

                    It's really the best option for many reasons.  The full story here.  If you can't remove it, you can remove some of the radiation by covering it.

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