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Best Free Educational Math Game to Play With No Internet Fiete Math

4. Fiete Math 


no internet kids game

Ages 4+

Fiete Math is an amazing and educational app for your kiddos! This whimsical app reviews simple counting, addition, subtraction, division, and problem solving. A charming cartoon captain instructs players to load his boat with a specific number of packages. Players then must pick and choose what combination of options will equal the requested sum. There is light upbeat music to go along with this beachy game. Different options of packages are offered the further you get in the game- instead of simple boxes you can stack cute and cuddly animals. A pig is 1 unit, a cat is 2, a whale is 10, and so on. You can practice basic multiplication with your kids as they learn about strategy and space optimization.

This is an excellent game to try using a Stylus. A stylus keeps your device germ free and allow fingers distance from magnetic fields come off of all digital screens. There’s one for kids and one for teens and adults. If you’ve ever noticed a tingling feeling from scrolling or playing, it could be wireless radiation or the magnetic fields—either way a stylus is an excellent solution

This game is not only educational, it’s so fun! Not to mention, the gaming device doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet for players to have a great time! Disconnecting from the Internet also prevent in app purchasing.

 TECH WELLNESS TIP Always check your privacy settings! For more tips on how to wire your devices check out this video.

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