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Toddler Apps to Play Offline No Internet, WiFi or Data Required.

5. ABC Animal Toddler Adventures Click: HERE For More! 


No WiFi Animal Adventure Game     Play Without Internet Toddler Game

Ages 4+

A true preschooler game app.  Download #4 below or continue to all Apps and download later. If you play the FREE version-and play it while the WiFi and internet are off, ABC Animals has 15-30 minutes of completely new play.


Sweet music plays in the Feed the Animals as your child scrolls through 26 different animals as the female voice asks “What does a dog eat?” Choose and go to the next animal. 5 correct answers and the app offers stickers. 


Pet Salon stars the puppy and lets you drag and drop suds, towel, blow dryer and then dress the little mutt in glasses, hats and collars.


Pet Doctor play is limited.  In a field of 12 animals but only 3 are unlocked. Press the pet and you can brush a tiger’s teeth, put little bugs in a jar and brush the dogs coat. Yeah, this one is a little strange, but the happy music plays under all the while.

Best Crayon Stylus

We're happy to share our review and links of the Top 15 free  Apps and games for busy moms. -We love the peace-of-mind and ease so much of the technology in our modern world provide us, the trick is living well with technology. A gentle reminder, take some time for YOU!

I'm August Brice, a mom and a technology wellness and balance expert.  I have solutions and ideas for getting the most from technology for you and your family--yet helping kids to NOT become addicted--

See our Screen Smart Guide and take the Smartphone Addiction Test to see if you could be liking that phone a bit too much.

While you're at it, protect yourself from EMF with our gorgeous rose gold wired airtube headsets. 

radiation blocking headphones

Also, see our other tips below.

Download Here:

iphone kids game download    android free download


 Practice SELF CARE LOVE In Our Digital World. HERE ARE 10 TIPS

Tech Wellness brings you safety and health information for our wireless world.

You'll hear the real truth about how concerned you should be about wireless radiation and EMF, from me,  August Brice.  I've been researching EMF radiation for 20 years since I discovered I was suffering form electromagnetic hypersensitivity.  I feel great and now I share's my knowledge as well as my desire to see others thrive with technology in The Guide

Here I am-sporting our Wristlet case It's a crossbody and we include extra chains to create a wristlet that keeps you a nice distance from cellphone radiation.  Also, look at those cute headsets- they're rose gold(yes!) and have super safe anti-radiation built in!

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