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What is Electric EMF? Here's Why You Should Avoid Electric Fields and How To Do It

These days when people say EMF, they typically mean EMF radiation from wireless energy.  It's one type of EMF and it's trending because let's face it, the amount of wireless EMF in our environment is increasing wildly.

Olle Johannsen points out that were exposed to a quintillion times more wireless EMF than we were a decade ago.

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The Radio Frequency Meter Detects Wireless EMF

Radio Frequency or RF is one type of electromagnetic field or EMF and it comes from anything wireless, but there are 3 other types of EMF and sometimes the types of EMF combine.

  • Electric fields which come from electrical wires. These wires can be outside our homes in power lines, in our walls or can be found in anything with an electrical cord that has electrical power running through it.
    • Magnetic Fields, called ELF or extremely low frequency, which come from lights, appliances and transformers and electrical wiring

    • Dirty Electricity is when wiring, with it's magnetic and electric fields gets polluted with higher frequencies that typically come from Smart meters, wall dimmers, WiFi etc.

    Electricity Means Electrical EMF

    Electric fields are anywhere there is electricity.  Electric fields are in the wiring in your home and because the electrical flow is in the wring and available to power anything that's connected to the wires- from light fixtures to power outlets, the electric fields are ON. 

    A lamp, the dryer, anything powered by electricity will have electric fields too, but ONLY when the electrical item is powered on and has current running through it.

    Electric Fields And Your Body

    Lary Gust, our amazing EMF Expert and leader at the Building Biology Institute , talks about the dangers of electric fields.  He shares his experience with the German founders of Building Biology and doctors in the US and Germany-in searching for the cause of how EMF was making people sick. 

    Larry says, Our work associates high electric fields and high RF radiation with

    • sleep disturbances
    • increased allergy response
    • muscle pain,
    • heart palpitations,
    • day time tiredness,
    • day time irritability
    • childhood bed wetting

    The Science And Electric Fields

    Most government and health agencies tell us that exposure to electric fields is harmless. However, Building Biology tells us to limit our exposure to very low levels.  And there are two studies that show a connection to leukemia.  This one studies over 31,000 people and this 25 year study from Sweden that looked at the effect of high voltage Power lines with magnetic and electric fields

    In Larry's article, he tells us, "When inspections were made of homes at the request of doctors, the Building Biologists found that 90% of the time the trail led to the sleeping area and that 90% of the time the major pollutant in the sleeping area was the excessive man-made AC electric fields and radio frequency (RF) radiation primarily from devices in the home, but sometimes from sources outside the home."

    Electric Fields In Your Home And Environment

    At this point, you're probably thinking it's a good idea to avoid electric fields,  here's where you'll find them:

    • home wiring
    • charging cables
    • Devices that are being charged
    • power cords
    • all appliances
    • air filters
    • hair dryers and their cords
    • lamps and lamp cords
    • TV and the TV Cord
    • Blenders and Coffee machines
    • C-Pap machines
    • Power lines and transformers
    • Power Strips
    • Surge Protectors

    In his guest post for Ron And Lisa, the Healthy Dream Team, Oram Miller talks about how electric fields in our wiring work and why they affect our sleep.

    Electric Fields: Like Water Stuck in The Hose With The Spigot Off

    "Electric fields, unlike magnetic, come from voltage, not current. Voltage is the pressure of electricity in circuits and AC power cords in your house, much like the pressure of water in your garden hose. The trick is, you can have the water spigot open and pressure in the hose but no water spraying out. That’s like having the circuit breaker on and the lamp plugged in but turned off. Voltage is still there so that when you turn the lamp back on, the bulb lights up.

    That field, which is present whether the lamp is turned on or off, oscillates between positive and negative charge 60 times a second (the frequency of 120 Volt AC electric power in North America)."

    The Electric Field extends 6' to 8' into your living space

    When you try to sleep, all the cords and plastic Romex circuits in your bedroom walls within a six to eight foot radius around your bed affect every cell in your body. The electrically charged particles in your cells—ions, protons and electrons—are constantly attracted and repulsed from these wires, sixty times a second, causing a subtle (or not so subtle) agitation when you try to sleep.

    Measuring Electric Fields:

    I always say that the first step in EMF Protection is knowing how much of it you're being exposed to.  EMF meters do just that! You can use an electric field meter, like the Tri-Field meter or you can try the body voltage meter offered by Larry.

    tri field meter sale price

    What level of Electric Field Exposure Is Considered Safe?

    If avoiding electric fields are particularly of concern for  good nights sleep, then what's a good safe level for your sleeping space? Well, the Building Biologists have a standards for all types of EMF exposure.  Here's their recommendation for a safe amount of electric fields in your bedroom.

    Level of Concern for Bedroom Electric Fields

    Meter Display                      None                  Slight              Strong            Extreme
    BV Reading, Volts              Under 0.010 V      0.010 to 0.1       0.1 to 1.0             Over 1.0
    BV Reading, milliVolts      Under  10 mV         10 to 100         100 to 1000         Over 1000

    Electric Field, Floating  Under 0.3 V/m       0.3 to 1.5           1.5 to 10              Over 10

    How To Avoid Electric Fields

    As With All EMF, when it comes to electric fields, distance is your friend!  Electric EMF dissipates with distance.  Oram Miller recommends being 6 to 8' away from the electric field source.  So that means stay that distance away from the cord and the fan, the C-pap machine, the air filter- see the list above.

    Use Grounded Surge Protectors, Grounded Charger connections and Grounded Power Strips


    Grounded Surge Protectors and Power Strips and Grounded USB Charging  outlet Work GREAT to protect you from the electric fields that come from these particular electrical items.

    Shield the wires or use metal wiring.

      • One thing we did when we built our home was shield all of our electric wiring.  It's awesome, we have no measurable electric fields coming from the floor, walls or ceiling.

      Shut Off Power To Electric Fields

        •  Shut the Power off at night.  You can try it a couple of nights by just shutting off the breaker to your homes bedrooms. But the long term solution is to install a Switch that protects your breaker panel, is safer and easier. 

          I really like the Whole House Electric EMF Cut-off Switch

          They offer several types to choose from- the best one turns off the neutral and power together and it's you best EMF protection.  They also give you the option of how many zones on the electrical panel you want to shut off and let you shut those zones off at different times for a sweet sleep for you and the kids. The website is here EMFsafeSwitch - use code TW10 for 10% off the purchase price for your EMF cut off Switch. 
          •  “NP” Remotely turns off the neutral and power simultaneously for safer earthing/grounding and disconnects the source of electronic harmonics (dirty electricity). Each relay handles 1 circuit giving you maximum zone control.
          • “SP” Remotely turns off the power line only. A circuit = 1x 120 volt circuit breaker in your electrical panel. A relay is a remote controlled switch. Each relay in the SP handles 3 circuits, this is our economy remote switch.
          switch to turn off power

            • “HP” If you have any 240VAC (high power) circuits to turn off they require a separate “HP” switch. Our normal ”HP” switch handles up to 40AMPS. If your 240VAC circuit is more than 40 AMPs let us know.

            Shield Your Home From Electric Fields

            • Shield Your Home From The Electric Fields.  Larry Gust says he finds that field shielding material often helps to further reduce fields particularly in second-floor sleeping areas where there are power cables in the floor. -As with most EMF home shielding it's best to have the pro's help you out.  If you're in the US, find a Consultant for your EMF issues on Tech Wellness. 


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