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Is It Bad To Have A Cellphone In Your Pocket? A Laptop on Your Lap? When It Comes To EMF and Infertility the Answer is YES

The Way Laptops and Phones are exposing men(and women) to EMF radiation could be a contributing factor to many couple's struggles with infertility.

Having two daughters, now young women, whom I hope will have children someday, I'm very aware of the trending topic of how difficult it is for more and more couples to get pregnant.  I'm concerned-

Especially when I read this: The latest research shows a 52% decline in sperm count

There's a disturbing trend when it comes to you and your sperm. A 2017 study analysis found a whopping 52.4% decline in sperm count in men from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand in a multi-decade period. That's like taking 40% of the arrows out of your quiver!  This particular research. doesn't attempt to target the cause of low sperm counts-but we've got some other research that does.

The trend isn't good and and the trajectory for change isn’t looking hopeful. This decrease is noteworthy because sperm count is a necessary step in identifying male infertility.

This particular study doesn't attempt to target the cause of low sperm counts-but we've got some other research that does. It is likely that this decrease in sperm count over the past few decades is at the very least-partially a result of today’s modern environment and its effects on male health—cue technology--specifically Magnetic Energy, EMF wireless radiation and heat.

Scientists in the wireless radiation world have been concerned about EMF exposure and what it does to sperm for a long time. According to BioInitiative 2012 "Human sperm are damaged by cell phone radiation at very low intensities in the low micro-watt."

And having lower sperm counts isn't just about fertility, although that's our focus here-The study points out, "Declines in sperm count have implications beyond fertility and reproduction. The decline . . . is consistent with reported trends in other male reproductive health indicators, such as testicular germ cell tumors, cryptorchidism, onset of male puberty and total testosterone levels."

Men-When that laptop with all it's warmth and Wireless EMF is on your lap--do you think about what it could be doing to your body?  I sure do.

EMF radiation fertility effect

New Research Has New Reasons to Keep That Laptop Off Your Lap Guys.

WiFi EMF Radiation and Lowered Sperm Count

I love that scientists are researching WiFi radiation specifically-as most guys have WiFi enabled on their phones too.

A 2020 study found that when rats were exposed to WiFi radiation for just one hour a day over a 2 month period, they had significant decreases in sperm count.

And in another recent study out of Hong Kong found  that the longer the WiFi exposure the less active the sperm we're and the faster they died.

Sperm samples were taken from them and split into three groups - one whose samples were not exposed to electromagnetic waves from a Wi-Fi router, one whose sperm were protected by a small shield that intercepted the waves, and one whose sperm were fully exposed to the waves. 

Did you notice that they used shields in this study?

I find this particularly interesting as I do not recommend EMF protection shields(sorry)and this research did NOT show that they were effective.

 Instead the research discussion focuses on the fact that sperm that was exposed longer, had lower motility and shorter lifespan. 

Ms. Nakata, who specializes in embryology and spermatology, said the sperm samples were placed near a pocket Wi-Fi router, in the way that a mobile phone would be carried in a man's trousers.

". . .There is mounting evidence that the effects of electromagnetic waves on sperm may be having a significant effect on human reproduction."

 KUMIKO NAKATA, from the Reproductive Medicine Research Centre at Yamashita Shonan Yume Clinic.

The sperm were exposed to electromagnetic waves from the Wi-Fi router for lengths of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, two hours, and 24 hours. Sperm motion was then tested.

They found that among the different groups after exposures of 30 minutes and 60 minutes, that the longer the exposure, the lower the sperm motility rate and the higher the death rate.

One of my Favorite go-to's to decrease WiFi Radiation exposure is to simply turn it off when it's not being used.  Another is to remember that distance is your friend when it comes to all types of EMF radiation.  Whether it's coming from a WiFi or a cellphone, it drops off the further you get away from the antenna or source.


Ask Your Man To Consider a Faraday for his Phone or Laptop-The ONLY EMF protection that actually stops radiation completely.



Scroll to the End To Watch a Video On How Faraday's work

Is It Bad To Keep A Cellphone In Your Pocket?

Way back in 2007 a study was performed that measured the effects of cell phone usage on semen quantity and quality. The study was purely observational; 361 men undergoing infertility evaluation were divided into four groups according to cell phone usage. From there, the sperm count, motility, viability, and normal morphology were measured against each group’s cell phone usage.

fertility radiation effects sperm

The result: a statistically significant correlation. “The use of cell phones may adversely affect the quality of semen by decreasing the sperm counts, motility, viability, and morphology, which might contribute to male infertility.”

Doctors are catching on.  A friend of mine and her husband are trying to have a baby and her husband was advised by their Doctor to stay away from the Jacuzzi due to the heat, and more importantly keep his cellphone at bay and out of his pant pockets. 

infertility and cellphone RF radiation levels

More and more research is coming up with the same conclusion- Keep that phone away from the boys.

Olle Johannson, associate professor, retired from The Karolinska Institute Medical University, Stockholm, Sweden, is a pioneer in the study of the effects of EMFs.   He just published Fuck Your Telephone? his reply to a trending article in the Guardian on the alarming decreased numbers in sperm count.

Swan blames “everywhere chemicals”, found in plastics, cosmetics and pesticides, that affect endocrines such as phthalates and bisphenol-A. She also said factors such as tobacco smoking, marijuana and growing obesity play a role.

However, one culprit is not mentioned at all, namely artificial electromagnetic fields from cell phone systems, WiFi routers, wireless smart meters, and wireless baby alarms! Cell phone and WiFi signals exposed sperms have been seen with more head defects, decreased sperm count, lowered motility, decreased viability, and other malfunctions as well as DNA damage, and severe effects on fertility have been found. Wireless signals can, in addition, increase oxidative stress in cells and lead to increase of proinflammatory cytokines and lower capacity to repair genotoxic DNA single- and double-strand breaks. Cognitive impairments in learning and memory have also been shown, something perhaps not making it easier to produce babies.

Recently, Devra Davis and the Environmental Research Trust studied the research to determine the process of how wireless energy and magnetic energy could effect men's bodies.

Our results indicate that exposure to RF-EMF produces increases in testicular proteins in adults that are related to carcinogenic risk and reproductive damage. In light of the widespread practice of men carrying phones in their pockets near their gonads, where exposures can exceed as-tested guidelines, further study of these effects should be a high priority.”

-Sepehrimanesh, Masood, Nasrin Kazemipour, Mehdi Saeb, Saeed Nazifi and Devra Lee Davis see the study.


So What's The Tech Wellness Way For Men? Tips For EMF Protection

    1. Do not depend on Phone or Laptop Cases with Shields or Filters!  This Video Demonstrates How They Actually Do Not Protect You!

    2. Keep laptops off your lap. Disable BlueTooth and WiFi when functionality when Not In Use. Bluetooth is powered by RF radiation and WiFi is powered by RF radiation.

    3. Stay away from the Dirty Dozen; 12 endocrine disruptors such as BPA and Lead that alter hormones. Make sure none of them are in your products or home. Here’s the full list.

    4. Keep Distance Between You and The WiFi- I love this meter or this All-Type EMF meter to demonstrate or discover the EMF radiation coming from a phone or WiFi


    EMF meter for phone


    5. Turn WiFi Off at Night or When You're Not Using It. Our preferred way of doing this is with our handy remote Kill Switch.  That way you can keep a safe distance from the WiFi radiation, which is strongest at the WiFi router itself.

    wifi kill switch on off

    6. Always check the RF Exposure Information on Apple's website.


    RF Exposure Information Apple


    The bottom line: protect yourself from the dirty dozen and keep cellphones out of your pockets and laptops off your lap—it could make a huge difference for you and your growing family! And, if you must carry it in your pockets then please, please put it in one of these.

    SEE the RF Radiation Readings Without Faraday and With~  


    iphone faraday case google faraday case


    Thank you for stopping by and for your interest in safety, health and EMF radiation.

    Finally- one more very recent 2020 study, shows that ELF EMF- that's the magnetic energy that comes off the screens- also has an effect o the health of sperm.  I've put links to all the research here.

    Please share if you found this information helpful and reach out to me at Hello@techwellness if you have any questions.  I'm here to offer any help I can from my experience through my health journey in our digital world.

    Be Well!


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