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Is 5G Safe? Will It Make You Sick? What Can You Do To Protect Yourself? We've Got The Real Information You Need To Decide For Yourself.

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We have been talking to experts on both sides of the 5G fence and researching 5G for a number of years now.  This post contains all of the best current thinking and links to supporting research.  Since this is a supremely complicated topic, our commitment is to make the technology easier to understand and to give you confidence in your decision making.  We will continue to update when new information comes out. 


Here's the Tech Wellness Guide to SAFE life with 5G.  We'll cover:

First of all, I think it's important with the crazy ideas about Corona Virus aabd 5G to tell you about 5G and the evidence related to the Virus:

There is no scientific evidence that 5G created the Corona Virus. This is a ridiculous conspiracy theory that really needs to stop now and we need to concentrate on boosting our immune systems in as many healthy ways as we can.

There is scientific evidence that non ionizing radiation-including 4G and 5G can lead to brain cancer, heart cancer, electromagnetic sensitivity and microwave illness--but the same scientists that talk about wireless health effects firmly say that they're not buying into the idea that wireless energy effects immunity:

In my judgement there is no convincing evidence that RF inhibits immune responses.  There certainly are some publications making that claim, but the evidence is very weak

 David O. Carpenter

For me, EMF radiation or specifically, Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW), is one more toxin that I'd rather not subject my body to, so I avoid it whenever I can. Just like I don't spray pesticides, using Borax and sugar for ants, I use natural cleaners like Branch Basics, and I use natural products on my skin, like Tata Harper and Beauty Counter; I look at avoiding RF radiation as another non-toxic, natural choice.  As a person who is sensitive to EMF radiation, I notice that I feel better and stronger when I'm not exposed.

So, especially at this time, when we are all cautious and wildly focused on being well: Remember, wireless radiation, the kind that comes from your laptop, your WiFi, your wireless security system and doorbell, is considered as a possible carcinogen, by the World Health Organization, no less.

There is clear and irrefutable evidence that the EMF radiation that is a product of all wireless devices, including 5G, has a biological effect.  In fact, RF electromagnetic fields aka wireless energy from your cellphone was classified as a Class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2011. Keep in mind that lead, Human papillomavirus, gasoline and  diesel fumes have the same classification.  If you're not comfortable subjecting your body to those toxins, you may want to put some distance between you and your wireless devices.

5G is the next step in our wireless world, but by no means the only or biggest wireless concern you need to consider now.  If you care about wireless radiation exposure then care about all EMF exposure.  That includes dirty electricity, magnetic fields and very important, the wireless devices that are under your control now.  Your WiFi and any Bluetooth device in your home are things you can address now.

What is 5G and Where Did It Come From?

Do you know what the G in 5g stands for?  Most people don't. 

It's generation. As in 'this is the 5th generation of cellular technology that has been introduced in the cellular age'.  Each time the industry agrees on a new standard, they spend billions of dollars to deploy the towers and other equipment. Basically they move the game forward, trying to get faster and faster speeds and better coverage for our devices.

  • 1G Began in 1982 with the first standardized mobile phone network
  • 2G Deployed in 1992
  • 3G in 2001
  • 4G LTE in 2010
  • 5G Incorporating and Built on the 4G network base

That's kind of the story behind 5g.  But 5G is different too. 

As the industry struggles to deliver on the 5G promise, it's almost like there is a limit to how much and how fast information can fly through the air to enable you to watch The Bachelorette from the back of your Uber. The industry continues to promise they can deliver 5g and all its whiz-bang speed, but clearly this is not as simple as the previous generations. Jeromy Johnson has a take on what a Smart City will look and feel like here

5G- Are We There Yet?

5G is all about performance.  It begins with and is based on the 4G network, in fact, it's really about technology add-ons.  The industry looks at the definition of 5G in terms of what can it do.

But basically 5G is MORE.  More of the lower frequency bands that have been used for 3G and 4G.  Those RF bands start at 800 MHz and used to go just over 2 GHz, but now carriers are using whats called Sub6 RF bands which basically means any frequency under 6GHz.  They needed more connections so the FCC opened up more of the bandwidth for the telecoms to use.

The lower the frequency the greater the distance that frequency can cover. But the lower frequency, the slower the speed because the wave can carry less data. The higher the frequency- the more data that can be carried.  And that's where the high frequency MmWave comes in. Anything over 24GHz uses the millimeter or MmWave.  The industry loves talking about the high speeds a millimeter wave will deliver-- but it doesn't love talking about the fact that MmWave antenna's will need to be on every street block to deliver those
EMF carrying waves to our devices.

Eman Hammad an Industrial & IoT Security Specialist explains there are 3 Pillars of 5G:

    1. Wide mobile broadband (MBB) Wireless, high speed internet. Designed so you can move from place to place and stay connected Faster speeds for use in cases that require high data rates like large-scale video streaming, and virtual reality
    2. Ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC):  Basically, this means delay is kept to a minimum. The network that is optimized to process a very high volume of data packets with an extraordinarily low tolerance for delay (latency). These networks are designed to support real-time access and response to rapidly changing data.
    3. Massive Internet of Things(IOT) This is about internet access and connectivity for all of our current wireless devices and more- for sensing, metering, and monitoring devices.


5G Safety Concerns Often Focus on the Millimeter Wave

The millimeter wave is just part of 5G, but we hear a lot about this new to the consumer part of the Radio Frequency Spectrum. 

David Witkowski, a 5G expert who Co-Chairs the Deployment Working Group at IEEE Future Networks and the GCTC Wireless SuperCluster at National Institute of Standards and Technology explains why we think millimeter wave when we hear 5G:

"When the spectrum was allocated for early 5G development, it was millimeter wave spectrum that was provided at the time . . . and a lot of people locked onto that as “Oh 5g is this millimeter wave technology that’s going to require an antenna every 50 feet,". . . and that caused a lot of consternation, but the reality is that the plan all along was to put 5g into the low and mid bands."

What this industry insider is saying is that 5G is about evolving or adding wireless performance and connection using all the bands-the high band being where the millimeter wave(mmWave) sits on the spectrum. We'll talk in detail about the mmWave below under RF radiation.

A scientist recently said that, in order to reach us with 5G, so many more cell antennas will be required that --listen to this--it will be hard to take a photograph in any city without getting a cell transmitter in the picture.

In early 5G roll outs technicians noticed the millimeter wave part of 5G wasn't performing so well out in the real world.  The waveform was so unstable, I had actually thought they might do away with this new antenna craze.

You see, they worked great in the lab, but in real practice they weren't actually carrying the data or information(information carrying radio waves)  over even moderately long distances without the myriad of interference in the environment causing the signals to drop and then they revert back to 3G and 4G.  (You get a hint of how they knew that might happen if you scroll down to the bottom of the page and watch the video of the man behind 5G as he tours a 5G convention. )

In order make the mmWave  stable, the answer is to  increase the power pushing the signals. 

Why Power Is What Matters

The mmWave has been measured in terms of Power Density while the lower spectrum 3G and 4G waves are evaluated in terms of SAR. And now it looks like those not-so-stringent exposure limits are about to get even more laxed so more power can be pushed through those 5G mmWave antennas and devices.   


5G mmWave is ROLLING OUT IN These Cities NOW. See the Maps

It is happening.  Verizon and Tmobile are in the process of putting up actual millimeter wave antenna's now.  Verizon and T-Mobile and all the providers have been touting 5G technology, but most of it has been simply faster and more 4g technology and antenna's.  However, these T-Mobile and Verizon maps apparently do incorporate mmWave antenna's.  Check to see if their near you. 

T-Mobile 5G Coverage Map

Verizon 5G Coverage Map

The FCC  just revised RF Exposure Guidelines and shockingly, the revision was simply to say that the thermal standards from 1998 were just fine.

The ICNIRP also ignored all the RF NON THERMAL research on health effects and continues as well to believe that the main issue to worry about is at what point wireless radiation heats our bodies or body parts too much.

In fact when the CEO of that international radiation safety private organization made a presentation on the new guidelines, he showed this slide to be really clear that based on science(?) the only adverse health effects to consider are heat and nerve stimulation.

I'm really surprised that a well-funded commission who's sole purpose is to keep us safe from wireless radiation believes that there is no evidence of cancer, EHS(I've got that), infertility and other health effects from wireless radiation.

I found this really well researched and article from Europe Investigates that basically helps us understand that there are a small group of insiders whose research has industry ties and are tied to other like-minded groups that do not look to the volumes of research that show wireless radiation is tied to many other health concerns.

They evaluate that heating with these terms:

  • SAR or Specific Absorption Rate or how much our bodies can take before a body part or place increases in temperature
  • Power Density or Power density is the volume of power a batter or antenna can push before exposure to it increase temperature
And the next slide he showed explained how much of temperature increase is allowable by wireless radiation.  Another HMMM.


Turns out the millimeter wave part of 5G wasn't performing so well out in the real world.  The waveform was so unstable, I had actually thought they might do away with this new antenna craze.

They worked great in the lab, but in real practice they aren't actually carrying the data or information(information carrying radio waves)  over even moderately long distances without the myriad of interferences in the environment causing the signals to drop and then they revert back to 3G and 4G.  (You get a hint of how they knew that might happen if you scroll down to the bottom of the page and watch the video of the man behind 5G as he tours a 5G convention. )

In order make the  mmWave  stable, is to increase the power pushing the signals.  The mmWave has been measured in terms of Power Density while the lower spectrum 3G and 4G waves are evaluated in terms of SAR. And now it looks like those not-so-stringent exposure limits are about to get even more laxed so more power can be pushed through those 5G mmWave antennas and devices.   


5G Means More Sources Of RF Radiation

Devra Davis points out that 5G means more radiation everywhere and it's going to be hard to go anywhere and not be exposed. Research has shown exposure can damage our health including accelerating the growth of bacteria and viruses.

And every one of those transmitters will be generating Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW). We refer to the EMF from wireless this way, because EMF(electromagnetic fields) or EMR(Electromagnetic radiation) in and of itself is not dangerous. Its the modulation required to carry information that's the biological trigger.  It's beautifully explained here in this article from Nature on Polarization.  Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW) are all the same kind of RF radiation that has been shown to have biological effects.


5G supporters talk about faster downloads, improved performance,

  • 5G is on it's way in some form or another
  • Currently most devices are not 5G
  • Currently some of our infrastructure is 5G

You hear and see lots of advertising for 5G from Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T so you may think all of it has rolled out.  Actually the 5G they're talking about is now just one of the so called pillars of 5G: Mobile Broadband.

5G is all about Wireless. Wireless Is All About RF Radiation, from Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW).

5G is lots of different kinds of technology applications of one thing: Radio Frequency Waves or Electromagnetic Radiation.  From lower GHZ waves on the spectrum to the dreaded and unproven millimeter wave(mmWave) on the highest eschelon of the radio wave spectrum, 5G promised to bring faster speeds and greater connectivity and massive amounts of EMF radiation in our environment.

The wireless industry says it's come up with amazing and exciting transmitters and tactics and it needs millions of antennas in order to provide the speed, connection and resolution that its customers are demanding. The truth is that there are other far less harmful ways to build and maintain a safe and strong world wide internet connection. The answer for safety, security and speed is Hard Wired Internet Connection.


  • So much man made EMF Radio Frequency Radiation. That's the major 5G safety concern

When it comes to Wireless, it's all about Electromagnetic radiation.

This is how it works:

  • The spectrum is a range of electromagnetic radio frequencies used to transmit sound, data and video
  • Telecoms actually own blocks of the Radio Frequency spectrum
  • 5G will use more radio frequencies
  • 5G will implement a type of wave in the radio spectrum we have not used in our devices before: Millimeter waves (mmWave)
  • All the  radio waves used in 5G are a type of man made modulated electromagnetic radiation called Information Carrying Radio Waves or ICRW

Whether it's 5G or any of the G's that came before, the power makes use of different radio frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. 1G started it all with EMF emanating from a cellphone tower and a cellphone. 5G takes us up to a whole new level, combination and kind of EMF radiation.

Jeremy Horwitz describes how wireless communication works:

Cellular phones get their wireless communication abilities from tiny radios. Unlike a car radio, users don’t need to manually select “stations” such as 88.9FM or 1020AM to receive signals. Instead, cell phones’ radio tuners use lists of nearby radio towers, automatically selecting optimal radio frequencies to transmit calls, text messages, and data.

Older generations of wireless used between 1 and 3 GHZ, but 5G differs from prior cell phone standards in having a much wider radio dial than before, capable of tuning in many more types of frequencies — and multiple types of frequencies at the same time.

  • 5G Low Band For Distance. This bandwidth is an Ultra High Radio Frequency that  packs an EMF radiation punch of 600-700 MHZ - a tower can cover hundreds of square miles.

    T- Mobile boasted that a single 5G 600 MHz cell tower will be able to cover “hundreds of square miles.” That’s dramatically greater coverage in comparison with towers deployed in the millimeter wave band, which according to T-Mobile, cover less than a square mile.

  • 5G Mid Band (2.5/3.5GHz)  is a combination of the Ultra High and Super High Frequency Radio Waves and a tower covers a several-mile radius with 5G.
  • 5G High Band utilizes the highest high of the Radio Frequency spectrum, called Extremely High.  The millimeter wave which is the the 24-39 GHZ will consist of towers that cover a one mile or 1 block radius.

The High Band Millimeter Wave And What It Does

All the bands, all the electromagnetic radiation waves add up to alot more EMF radiation in our environment. But as we mentioned earlier, there's a lot of talk about the Millimeter Wave, that high part of the band that's over 20 GHZ.

The good thing about Millimeter waves and why they were considered in the first place as being part of 5G--is that there are so many of them available.  You see, it was a part of the Radio Frequency Spectrum that hadn't been utilized all that much.  So lots of new "digital real estate" was available to tech companies to bring us more connection.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) says, "There is one major drawback to millimeter waves, though—they can’t easily travel through buildings or obstacles and they can be absorbed by foliage and rain. That’s why 5G networks will likely augment traditional cellular towers with another new technology, called small cells."

A big upside of this short wavelength is that it can transfer data even faster, though its transfer distance is shorter.

he term mmWave refers to a specific part of the radio frequency spectrum between 24GHz and 100GHz, which has a very short wavelength. This section of the spectrum is pretty much unused, so mmWave technology aims to greatly increase the amount of bandwidth available. Lower frequencies are more heavily congested with TV and radio signals, as well as current 4G LTE networks, which typically sit between 800 and 3,000MHz. 

The objective with mmWave is to increase the data bandwidth available over smaller, densely populated areas. It will be a key part of 5G in many cities, powering data in sports stadiums, malls, and convention centers, as well as basically anywhere data congestion might be a problem. Out in rural towns and villages, sub-6GHz and low bands below 2GHz play a more crucial role in ensuring consistent coverage over large areas.

Oram Miller a  Building Biologist from Createhealthyhomes has been following 5G.  He gave me a really detailed 5G overview map from Rhode Schwarz a couple of years ago at an EMF Study Groups he hosts.  He echoes the industry statements that 5G is about switching back and forth between or laying 5G on top of or in conjunction with the current 4G technology and is not considered to have the coverage spectrum that the low and mid band 5G will have.

"The mmWave 5G signal is on-demand, meaning it is only transmitted when a smartphone enabled with 5G for mmWave service asks for a connection.  The mmWave 5G cell signal send out by that antenna is only 10 degrees or so wide.  If you live next door to a house where that 5G enable phone is calling for service and you don't have one of those 5G enabled phones yourself, that signal to your neighbors 5G enabled phone will not come into your house"

So- there's no 5G millimeter wave signal transmission unless a 5G device "starts" the connection.  That's good news.


 cross body Faraday

I keep my cellphone in my complete block Faraday bag-it has a front pouch where I put it to make phone calls. When the phone is on, there is EMF radiation- that's how it works- and that's why the phone is about 10" away from my body, so EMF can dissipate with distance.

  • So Many Transmitters Concern Me When It Comes To 5G Safety

With 5G, Radio Frequency(RF)signals are transmitted in so many different ways--all with a nice dose of RF radiation!

  • Cellphone Towers 

Today most towers transmit 1-7 miles away from a cell tower. Today’s LTE technology requires very closely spaced towers in order to work. Some tower equipment is actually small and can be mounted on power poles or buildings.
  • Millimeter Wave Base Stations or Antennas

These are now being installed and activated by Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and throughout the US. We're not sure if and how they are working because frankly there just are not that many of them. Our Tech Wellness Building Biologist and EMF Expert, Larry Gust of Gust Environmental has tells us  that this high frequency(above 20GHz) millimeter Wave (mmWave) band is only being installed in downtowns and surrounding neighborhoods in select cities. He's seen it being installed in public gathering places like arenas and universities.

  • Small Cells and WiFi Mesh Networks-

Mesh WiFi systems at home are WiFi systems that have a main router which connects directly to your modem, and a series of satellite transmitters placed around your house for full WiFi coverage.
Mesh networks in cities work like this: They have lots of access points which are powerful Wi-Fi devices that function as both gateways and repeaters. Oram Miller, out in the field, has noted, "Many more new small cell antennas are also being installed between macro cell sites on residential streets. These new 4G LTE-Advanced and 5G small cell radios and antennas broadcasting in the low and mid bands likewise send out RF signals that are always-on with a 120 degree-wide signal that passes deep into nearby houses and apartments."
In downtown Laguna we have Cox transmitters spewing EMF and connectivity throughout our downtown.  Mesh Networks look like WiFi attached to poles or roofs and are there to provide capacity- not so much speed.

I happened on this mesh network in Boston,shortly after it had been installed.  I grabbed my smartphone and recorded the high ambient levels of RF radiation which I compare to the levels in my hometown.

  • Satellite Networks

  • Think of it as internet from space. Satellites are launched into space to beam down signal.  The FCC just authorized Space X  to roll out up to 1 million ground antenna to connect to it's Starlink network of 12,000 satellites.

  • The good news as far as RF radiation exposure goes is that they are far away from Earth- a minimum of 300 miles. They are actually small, solar powered antennas that are emitting millimeter waves-which as we said before, don't travel well.  The power density will likely be so small so as not to be near the concern of the antenna's on the ground. 
  • The really crazy part about sending all these satellites into space and not knowing if they can ever be retrieved intact, or safely and something that should be addressed.
  • Beam Forming Technology

Antennas are activated so that instead of sending data in all directions, signals are aimed in a specific direction.

Ookla and speedtest who created the 5G rollout map explain that why this is necessary with millimeter wave technology: "High-spectrum airwaves are finicky and bring challenges, including significantly reduced propagation characteristics, increased path loss and scattering. To tackle these issues, the use of advanced techniques like beamforming and beamtracking are absolutely mandatory.

 Beamforming is the network signaling system implemented on network base stations that identifies the most efficient signal delivery to a user. Instead of flooding the area with a signal in all directions, beamforming focuses energy into a beam to minimize interference. Beamtracking, a technique implemented on mobile devices, helps with beam selection and signal retention. Beamforming and beamtracking require very powerful algorithms working together to focus the cleanest possible beam of electromagnetic energy to each user and reduce inter-site interference. While we're accustomed to seeing huge cell towers using giant antennas required for low and mid frequency bands, 5G mmWave will depend on dense small cell deployments. Instead of two or four antenna elements, each mmWave small cell will have hundreds required for beamforming and beamtracking to properly work." Which brings us to Massive MiMo

  • Massive MiMO:

 MiMO means Multiple Input Multiple Output. Translate that to ALOT: Groups of up to 8 antennas that go on transmitters and receivers. Qualcomm is excited about "MIMO going Massive: MIMO — which is an extension of MIMO — expands beyond the legacy systems by adding a much higher number of antennas on the base station. The “massive” number of antennas helps focus energy, which brings drastic improvements in throughput and efficiency. Along with the increased number of antennas, both the network and mobile devices implement more complex designs to coordinate MIMO operations."  They say all this massive antenna-ing is simply to achieve the performance customers expect! 

  • AirGig Towers

AT&T will be turning existing power lines into "towers" sending Wi-Fi and wireless data over electrical lines using 4G LTE and 5G millimeter waves. The Children's Defense Fund points out, "What AT&T does not spell out in its glossy communications is that AirGig will make it impossible to escape exposure to wireless radiation, even in our homes. AirGig will saturate our environment—every inch of it—with close-proximity, high-intensity radiation. The few relatively safer areas that still exist will quickly disappear.

    • Antenna Densification

    Is a new industry term for putting a lot more antennas everywhere - possibly on your street, in your neighborhood, in front of your kid's school or your downtown shopping area.  This is the future. 

  • And antennas look like antennas- even when they're disguised.
  • Antennas can actually be noisy.  Some "sites" as 5G antenna's are referred to, need fans to cool them. Those fans can be loud

    Can you imagine 400 times more antennas than we have now?  That's actually a low estimate.

    The Problem With Antenna's And 5G Safety

      • Devices need antennas for wireless connections

      • Transmitters need antennas for wireless connections

      • Electromagnetic Radiation or EMF Radiation emanates From Transmitters and Antennas

      • The closer you are to an antenna, the more EMF you're exposed to

      • And nothing like your property value going down to make you feel "unsafe"! Antennas near your home decrease your property value. Check our 5G research section for validation that 90% of home buyers and renters are less interested and would pay less for property near cell antennas

    The Question of Your Health About 5G Being Safe

    5G runs on RF Radiation.  Radio Frequency Radiation from Ultra High Radio Waves--like the kind were utilizing now in 4G and form Extremely High Radio Waves in the form of Millimeter Waves.

    The Folks Who Back 5G Say It's SAFE For Your Body

    The Telecom Industry is really not concerned about health risks of Radio Frequency Radiation. Additionally, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)just released a paper courtesy of it's Future Networks Initiative- a group whose mission states:  . . . "will help pave a clear path through development and deployment of 5G and the great potential it enables." The paper looks at research on exposure limits and finds that 5G is safe.  The report was written by 4 people: 3 electrical engineers and 1 PHD in physics.

    David Witkowski, IEEE Senior Member and co-chair of the group's Deployment Working Group talked about how the  FCC and  regulatory agencies around the world have adopted the IEEE standard and issued their guidance saying that, based on it, "5G is safe and the millimeter wave is safe."

    He went on to explain that science has been looking at these questions since the 1950's 

    "Tens of thousands of studies have been done that show that electromagnetic waves are not injurious  to human health . . . and when they look at the body of evidence which contains ten thousand or more studies that have shown no effect and lay them up against a few hundred studies that have claimed to have effect but for whatever reason were either lower quality or unreproduceable, we have to look at the body of evidence."  An analogy for this could be:  Is this a question of "What is the real danger of the SARS Covid 2 compared to that of the Covid 19? " Is it a real thing? Are we really over reacting? Or are we under reacting? A few studies have said that  it 's not as bad as we think it is and there are others that have said, no it's pretty bad and we need to be careful, you know; so, where's the body of evidence? "If the body of evidence  . . for millimeter wave technology is that there's not an issue I would go with it, but I would want to look at the counters to that as well . . . "

    He concludes that regarding the millimeter wave we need to continue to look at the evidence and we should not ignore it.

    By the way, the industry

    But there have been 100's of studies on potential negative health effects of RF radiation and additionally, over 40 specifically on the Millimeter wave.

    This Paper from May 2020 gives you an idea of why more research needs to be done — specifically they note that the “waves” used to test, often don’t match the modulation we’re all exposed to in the real world of wireless energy and the synergistic effects of what will happen when all those different kind of 5G Information Carrying Radio Waves mix together. In the Highlights they include: 5G mobile networking technology will affect not only the skin and eyes, but will have adverse systemic effects as well.

     There’s an International Appeal from over 240 scientists from 42 countries around the globe to give protection from RF radiation to people throughout the world.

    Recently a research paper was published that reviewed appeals made by scientists to European governments. Here is the researcher’s conclusion:

    Our experience with the EU  . . . suggests that the majority of decision makers are scientifically uninformed on health risks from RF radiation. In addition, they seem to be uninterested to being informed by scientists representing the majority of the scientific community, i.e., those scientists who are concerned about the increasing evidence or even proof of harmful health effects below the ICNIRP guidelines ). Instead, they rely on evaluations with inborn errors of conflicts, such as ICNIRP. In fact, the ICNIRP, with the support of WHO and major telecommunications companies, has been rather successful in implementing their views in the EU and worldwide. Their guidelines seem to be based on the omission of scientific facts. Thus, their possible ignorance of the health risks is of concern, as well as their reluctance to adhere to warnings from large numbers of scientists around the world.

    Scientists, Doctors and Researchers Are Concerned About 5G Radiation Safety

    Dr. Leigh-Erin Connealy, director of The Center for New Medicine, just published her latest book The Cancer Revolution, A Groundbreaking Program to Reverse and Prevent Cancer. Dr. Connealy recommends avoiding EMF radiation exposure as one component of cancer prevention.

    One example of the possible effects is illustrated by this graphic about the  EMF radiation exposure and breast cancer from the Environmental Health Trust:

    is 5G safe

    From world class experts in the environmental research and EMF science arena like Berkley professor Dr. Joel Moskowitz, to Tech Wellness expert and the creator of the original landmark study on cellphone radiation Dr. George Carlo, the wisdom of caution is being proclaimed in many diverse arenas of scientific research.

     "The health effects aspect is complicated. There is now no doubt scientifically that radio waves carrying information trigger some type of biological response in almost everyone exposed. However, what happens after the triggering is variable. For some people, the triggering causes debilitating biological cascades that manifest as EHS, other symptoms and frankly, disease."

    • The triggering mechanisms for biological effects are integral and fundamental to wireless signal transmission. The triggers are universal, coming both from devices and from wireless infrastructure nodes, impacting both biological systems and human behavior. (See 5G two papers: Panagopoulos_Nature_2015; Transcript-GamingDisorder).
    • The underlying mechanisms of action for adverse health effects are fundamental to cellular function, intercellular communication, tissue function, organ function and organ system function. (See 5G Research: Pall-Mechanism; 5G Millimeter Wave Studies; Pall-2018-04).
    • The disruptive effects are both direct -- such as interference with DNA repair, RNA/DNA/RNA transcription, and protein synthesis -- and indirect -- through oxidative stress and biological cascading. (See 5G Research Panagopoulos-2019; US Army-1998)
      • Animal studies in the published literature are valuable in terms of confirming biological plausibility of observations from human studies, but of only qualitative value in terms of predicting human health hazard and risk. 
          • SAR as a measurement of exposure in these studies has only limited predictive value with respect to human health effects. SAR is a measure of heating, while most documented adverse health effects are non-thermal. (See 5G research: Panagopoulos-Johansson-Carlo_2013)
          • In most studies, 'simulated' exposures are used instead of 'real' exposures. That fails to capture the variability of signals and the resulting human biological effects significance, makes extrapolation imprecise, and underestimates true risk.

        (See 5G research: Panagopoulos et al. BMRI - 2015).

    Almost weekly a new peer reviewed scientific study is published covering a health effect of RF radiation exposure.  That's why so many scientists are asking for the industry to take a look a the potential health effects.

    Here's What You Can Do, If You Feel You Need To Protect Yourself From 5G


    The Tech Wellness Mantra, Distance is your friend, applies to all sources of RF radiation including 5G sources. Distance this way:

    is 5g safe tech?

    • Don't carry or hold your phone in your hand, pocket or close to you

    • Streaming a video on your phone? Put it on stand as far away as you can stand it

    • Got a WiFi?  Make sure it's as far from the spaces you spend time in- especially your bedroom

    • Got a Smart Meter? Make sure it's as far away as it can be too.

    • Making A Call?  Make sure you use an anti-radiation headset or put the phone on speaker in that stand at least a foot away.

    • Dining out? Look around for wireless cameras and ask to sit as far away from them as possible.

    • Instead of touching your phone and the EMF, use a stylus.


    Wire Up.

    Hard wiring your devices and all the internet access in your home means you are EMF radiation free and your connections are more stable and safe. Plus, safe from 5G and far more cyber secure and private, and superior in the case of a national corona virus type of emergency or disaster. 

     Start by doing an intake of all the wireless devices in your home. Do you have a Nest? A wireless thermostat, camera, TV or speakers?  Eliminate them in favor of wired options. SO FUN!

    • Hard wire Your internet connection

    • Turn the WiFi off when you're not using it

    • Don't connect your phone to your car's wireless system

    • Don't buy into the 5G program by buying into more wireless options

    • If you can't wire up your WiFi, at least turn it off when you're not using it with a remote switch 

    5g safety

    Don't Bother With Unproven and Potentially More Dangerous so-called EMF Protection

    I hate to burst any bubbles, but I'm all about scientific proof when it comes to EMF protection.  Others with EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) like Jeromy Johnson, Alison Main and skilled Building Biologists and electrical engineers will agree with the following:

    • Stay away from Stickers or Chips that claim to harmonize phones and WiFi.. See them in our Research Section: Shielding
    • Crystals and Shungite do not protect you, don't invest in jewelry or pyramids- unless you think it's pretty-it's only proven to purify water and have anti-oxidative properties when applied to skin with oil. See our Research Section: Shungite
    • Be careful with shielding or anti radiation phone cases, stands, laptop protectors or any type of device shielding that has an opening that does not close.  Only Faraday cases offer actual EMF protection.  Other items only offer partial protection and can multiply the waves of EMF as they reflect them.
    • My friend and fellow EMF sensitive human,  Jeromy Johnson from EMF Analysis spoke at the EMF Conference Tech Wellness sponsored in September, here's what he has to say about EMF "protection" products


      At this point, hearing about all the unheeded 5G red flags you may be wondering how 5G ever came about. Well, from what I can see, it has a lot to do with Ted Rappaport and NYU Wireless, a division of New York University in Manhattan.

      Let me break it down for you:  NYU Wireless is a sort of industry think tank and academic research center that conducts all the forward reaching research and development for the industry.  NYU Wireless claims it's ". . .pushing the boundaries of wireless communications, sensing, networking, and devices."

      Take a look at some of the names of their Industrial Affiliates- companies that offer infrastructure and academic fellowships for NYU Wireless.  Sometimes these telecoms also sponsor the annual 5G summit.

      • AT&T
      • Nokia
      • Huawei
      • Sony
      • Erickson
      • Qualcomm

      Centered at NYU Tandon and involving leaders from industry, faculty and students throughout the entire NYU community, NYU WIRELESS offers its industrial affiliate sponsors, students, and faculty members a world-class research environment that is creating fundamental knowledge, theories and techniques for future mass-deployable wireless devices across a wide range of applications and markets.

      Right now, they're starting to talk about 6G even though 5G is far from rolled out.

      Ted Rappaport has been all over the place.  He's served on the Federal Communications Commission twice and worked in the industry as well as being the head of NYU Wireless.  Rappaport is most definitely an insider. In fact he was just inducted into the Wireless History Foundations, Hall of Fame.  And it appears he was the first champion of the 5G "millimeter wave" standard years back when 4G was growing.

      Now as 5G is rolling out in city after city, Ted is talking about 6G which will apparently incorporate even higher frequencies and include the spectrum just before ultraviolet light in order to do things like create see-in-the-dark cameras and cameras that can look behind walls.

      Last year, Ted was  appointed to serve, for the second time, on the Federal Communications Commission’s Technological Advisory Council (TAC), it was noted that he was talking about 5G for over a decade.

      I think there’s so much at stake and so much upside for our country to have good policy that enables wireless to help our citizens,” he told FierceWirelessTech. “I am honored” to have been named to the council.

      The press release continues with "Back when he was on TAC more than a decade ago, Rappaport was talking about millimeter wave, 60 GHz and ultra wideband—things that have become more ingrained in  today’s industry’s lexicon. It’s a pretty good bet that the current council will be looking into futuristic things like 6G,"

      Every year since 2013 Ted's NYU Wireless has hosted a 5G summit. Each year the event is co-hosted and sponsored by leaders in Telecom. And these conferences feature a line up of some pretty major names in the industry. Speaking in 2019:

      • Andre Fuetsch, chief technology officer of AT&T and president of AT&T Labs
      • Michael O'Rielly, commissioner of the FCC
      • Ted Rappaport, David Lee/Ernst Weber professor of electrical and computer engineering at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering and founding director of NYU WIRELESS
      • John Saw, chief technology officer of Sprint
      • Bill Stone, vice president of Verizon
      • Mikael Höök, research area director for radio-research at Ericsson Research
      • John E. Smee, vice president of engineering at Qualcomm Technologies

      Watch as the charismatic Ted Rappaport tours last year's 5G summit. Particularly interesting is the section where he talks to a grad student about "human antenna blocking" and how he can solve the issue of how our bodies "block" the waves with a simulator. (!?)  It's true, our bodies mess with the 5G millimeter wave and many believe the millimeter wave(mmWave) messes with our bodies.  Click below to watch video full screen.

      At the 2019 summit, co-hosted by NYU WIRELESS and Nokia, according to, "leaders from companies including Nokia, Sprint, AT&T, and Ericsson, and from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) delved into this year's aggressive rollout of 5G networks. In panels and keynote speeches, participants detailed their latest research, explored groundbreaking new technologies and use cases, and looked ahead to 6G, expedited by the FCC's recent decision to throw open the doors to the sub-terahertz spectrum for experimentation."

      Did you catch that? The FCC threw open the doors for Ted to test yet another part of the spectrum.  And if you think about it, who would the FCC trust more than Ted?

      But the real issue is that everyone in the industry is convinced that there is absolutely NO biological impact from exposure to EMF's, in the form of information carrying radio waves that our devices use to communicate. They confidently claim that there have been no proven consequences.  But actually there have been hundreds of peer reviewed studies going back three decades that prove, without out a doubt, that ICRWs (Information Carrying Radio Waves) can and do have a biological effect. Here's a link to a group of studies we've curated on the site.  Research>

      But really, EMF radiation or wireless energy or microwaves coming from cell towers or our phones, just hasn't been that much of a concern to the wireless industry for a very long time.

      I remember when a group from Israel developed the Tawkon app years ago.  It was designed to show you how much radiation your phone was exposing you to at any given time.  Now that would be quite a wake up call right?

      There's a copy of the letter that Tawkon wrote to Steve Jobs that floats around the internet.  They offered a great opportunity to Apple to be the good guy and educate it's loyal followers. If radiation didn't matter at all, it couldn't hurt to let people see that when their bars were low their exposure was high.  Right?  Uh no.  Here what Steve Jobs said:

      steve jobs emf radiation scare


      Is there a Epidemiologist in the house?

      Clearly Ted and his colleagues are brilliant electrical engineers.  But NYU Wireless only lists one medical doctor on staff and from what he publishes online,  that MD has no experience in researching the impact of information carrying radio waves on biological tissues. There are apparently no epidemiologists on board, who study the cause, effect and frequency of human disease. So NYU Wireless, like the half trillion dollar industry that supports it, doesn't seem to be as interested in biological effects as we would hope.  

      And the amazing thing here is: the powerful, cellular industry worth nearly one half trillion dollars, uses technology that was never tested as a consumer product.  Your smartphone was positioned as a limited appeal business tool. 

      Just like cigarettes don't cause lung cancer and burning fossil fuels don't cause climate change, big wireless doesn't acknowledge any evidence that Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW's)can actually harm us.

      When the industry points to the studies that reveal no health effects, often they are pointing to research that they have funded. This Nation investigation  pointed out that 67% of independent studies showed an impact on health whereas only 28% of industry funded studies did.

      Ted Rappaport also was honored by the aforementioned IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).  That's the group we talked about earlier that released a Guidance Paper on safe exposures of RF radiation written not by scientists, but by engineers that were mostly members of the IEEE.

      Finally, Ted himself actually did some research into the safety of the mmWave (millimeter wave) that's now part of our wireless world.

      How Can Telecoms Assure Us 5G is Safe?

      That research has been often referenced as the basis for believing that the millimeter wave is safe. The wireless industry has moved forward boldly, even in the face of other studies  which conclude that there should be caution when talking about 5G and safety.

      The point of all this information on the NYU Wireless, Ted Rappaport, the FCC and the IEEE is that it seems sort of stacked. You know, more industry focused and not as much holistically focused. The industry seems to be excited about making wireless progression considering speed, connection and profits over health effects.

      I've have never forgotten one of my first conversations with Dr. George Carlo when he told me that he had written letters to the cellphone companies warning them that the research they funded  regarding their cellphones had some worrisome early results. That was the late 90's! (Read George's book-link in our store.) Yet they kept making more.  And mind you, we kept buying more.  

      Wouldn't it be nice to see some sort of alliance between the scientists behind the appeal and NYU Wireless?  Or NYU Wireless sponsoring research overseen by Physicians for Safe Technology or the Environmental Health Trust? 

      Just an idea.  But how great, right?

      The reality of today is that telecom continues to run fast and with vigor and joy to bring all of us more:  more wireless connection, more kinds of wireless transmitters, more kinds of wireless devices-without really thinking about the potential downside.   If we're not absolutely positively sure there isn't an  ingredient in all this wireless that could make us sick, we need to be more responsible until they really and truly are.


        Want To Help Spread The Word That There Needs To Be More Protection From Wireless RF Radiation Including 5G?

        One of the best ways to convince yourself and people you love that there's really an issue is to get one of these.  An RF or EMF radiation meter makes visible what you can't see, smell or touch.

        Find Out If Your Home Has Safe  Levels Of EMF Radiation

        I hear you!  There are many ways to get the word out, become involved, protect your kids and family and learn more.

        • Read and sign an International Appeal to Protect From Radiation on Earth and In Sky
        • Join in on an organized Protest Day to help your voice be heard
        • Join the SafeG movement.  They're on a mission to show the world that it's best to Wire Up
        • Join the Children's Health Defense run by Robert F Kennedy, Jr., environmental and humanitarian legend
        • Write to your kids school or attend a PTA meeting or visit the School Board to ask  them to wire up.
        • Don't use 5G devices when you have a choice or choose not to purchase 5G or IOT (Internet of Things) or wireless when you could go wired.
        • Share this post.
        • Call your internet and/or cell provider.  Whether you talk to the cable guy or the folks at the Apple store, the more that health considerations become part of the conversation, the more we'll all become part of a positive change.
        • crayon stylus for EMF protection


        Thanks for taking the time to read this 5G overview.  If you made it this far, that tells me you are determined to understand the implications of this technology.

        We need to talk about 5G and privacy, artificial intelligence and all the other aspects of tech wellness, including if and when will the real 5G show up on our phones.

        Please share this story if you like it and leave me a comment if you have additional science backed information I can share.

        Be Well!



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