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The first ever EMF Conference took place this month.

The only gathering of it's kind, with top International Scientists and Researches and Doctors sharing the latest studies on EMF and our health.  Tech Wellness was honored to co-sponsor the event and learn from people we talk about here at Tech Wellness like Olle  Johansson, Gunnar Heuser and the Environmental Health Trust.

EMF conference

If you're a Tech Wellness warrior you're aware that smartphones and all wireless devices emit RF radiation. We learned at the EMF19 Conference from research scientist Magda Havas that this type of radiation causes oxidative stress.  That cell oxidation leads to dis-ease

Magda Havas presented a white paper showing us how non ionizing radiation actually can lead to cancer and other biological sickness in our body. The process differs from how nuclear and x ray radiation causes cancer by dislodging electrons- and that's the reason most people who don't think wireless radiation is harmful justify their belief.

We saw research demonstrating non-ionizing radiation increases free radicals in the body indirectly, by interfering with our bodies repair mechanisms that neutralize free radicals.  Free radicals are carcinogenic.  So we don’t want to interfere with our bodies ability to eradicate them. And wireless energy can do that.

 93 of 100 peer reviewed studies which showed that low intensity RF exposure had oxidative effects on animals, plants and humans-

Now more than ever we should limit and avoid it wherever we can. . That's why we recommend this handy, but powerful personal RF Radiation Detector.

best meter
New research shows 3 in 10 adults and 1/2 of all those under 29 say "I'm On My Phone Constantly" Which is a good indication why in a recent Distraction In The Workplace Study,  workforce’s youngest workers, said the number two distraction was the smartphone, with 69% acknowledging that checking a personal device interferes with concentration.
Another Study found that  the mere presence of a smartphone or tablet effects your attention and your brain power.  Cellphone Distraction is becoming a significant issue.
We've taken phones out of meetings to increase focus and attention. Watch what co-workers think about it and read more about the studies.
Saying Yes To The No Phone Law
If adults aren't as smart and can't focus when a cellphone is present imagine how difficult in is for kids to absorb and process the information they're learning in school. San Mateo High School in California made it into several news stories this month for being was one of the first to take the Governor up on the new phone ban law, You can see how they keep phones form kids all day here
We realize how difficult it is to help our kids navigate and manage online and l media use. But it's really important, as a new study shows that kids use the same social media that's stressing them out to actually relieve some of the stress they're feeling online
Help your kids by helping them plan time for offline and online activities. Balance is really the key here.  We have a great Guide to when to get your kids a phone and what every parent needs to know about what to watch out for and how to manage screen time.
timer for ADHD Focus

An awesome bold and analog timer can really assist your efforts to stay on task.

We also love the idea of these Intention cards that help create an awareness for the need for mindfulness and balance with technology.

intention cards for positive sayings for tech

Most of us realize that our privacy online is absolutely not guaranteed. Through things like cookies and other information that developers get through what's referred to as Software Developer Kits, so much of what we say and do is shared in the Internet Universe.
An eye-opening report from Mashable showed how a ton of information from a really popular period app was being shared with Facebook.The New York Times did a deep dive into how Apps use these"developer Kits" to get around privacy policies-

Two Simple but effective ideas for protecting your privacy

  • Eliminate Apps.  The more apps you have, the more chance information about you will be shared. Be intentional about which Apps you allow on your phone. Though apps can drill down to your devices unique identifier, Apple IOS allows you to reset your advertising identifier. Also, Apple has a fairly stringent privacy policy for it's App developers and reviews Apps in the app store. 
  • Be Mindful About What You Share On Apps. Most require your name and email just as a point of entree.  Consider a special(non-gmail) that's just for apps.  Make up a name. The Period tracking app mentioned above and the Owlet baby monitor app are just two examples of Apps that request amazingly personal information.  Our advice is to not reveal things like how you're feeling emotionally or if your baby is adopted to an App that really doesn't need to know. 

As always, if you're concerned about privacy and  your information leaking out, you really should cover your cellphone and disable or cover your microphone whenever possible. We put our favorite in our our New Sparkle Set.  We think it's the perfect holiday gift.

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