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Oh Baby! Let's Find A Safe EMF-Free Baby Monitor


Wireless Baby Monitors Moms and Dads- Here's What You Need to Know 

  • Wireless Baby Monitors Constantly emit EMF microwave radiation while switched on (both the base and the parent handset)
  • Wireless Baby Monitors Come with  warnings in their packaging:  Keep them at a distance, like 20 cm, or just under 8 inches, from the body
  • Babies brains are just developing. Children absorb more RF radiation than adults  from wireless baby monitors because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner and their relative size is smaller.
  • There are Privacy Issues with Wireless Baby Monitors as the signal may not be secure.


Baby Monitors and EMF or Wireless Energy

The Majority of the wireless baby monitors sold in North America use transmission technology that's constantly emitting some form of radiation. This is so the receiver equipment can maintain a secure connection and stream communication.
You wouldn't put your baby's crib with your sleeping baby next to the microwave, would you? Of course not. That's when their little brains are growing and rejuvenating. Yet baby monitors use the exact same frequency (2.4 GHz) that microwaves use. Even in the womb, mothers who are exposed to a lot of wireless technology are at risk for a possible increase of incidence in autism spectrum disorders and behavioral/attention disorders later on in life. See our Free EMF Guide for everything you need to know about electromagnetic radiation.
Baby Monitors Aren’t The Only Source of EMFs

All wireless devices emit RF radiation a type of EMF. Today in our wireless obsessed world, our radiation exposures to EMF shave never before been this continual and intense.

Here's a list of what's in a typical babie's home-A list of things baby shouldn't be too close too.

  • Cordless Phones
  • SmartMeters
  • Smart TVs
  • Nest Wireless Air and Heat Controls
  • Wireless Security System
  • Wireless Printers
  • WiFi Routers
  • Wireless Modems
  • Digital Alarm Clocks
  • Anything with Bluetooth
  • Smarphones and Cell Phones

 Detox your home of EMF from other sources 

Being EMF sensitive or ES, I've created an EMF free home. I use these fabulous RF and EMF meters to guide my electromagnetic radiation exposure. You can work toward a more RF radiation- free environment by wiring up as much as possible. 

Let's start with the baby's room:

A Wired Baby Monitor is a Safe Baby Monitor

The safest solution is to install a wired intercom. That, of course, limits the parent's ability to move around and get stuff done in those precious windows of time while the baby is napping!  Analog monitors that use the FM radio band are considered to be safer than digital monitors because they transmit via Bluetooth, WiFi energy or DECT.

With a wired setup, the data from the camera will be sent via your copper in-home power lines, rather than through a pretty powerful DECT/WiFi connection. One of our favorite EMF safety advocates, Jeromy Johnson, recommends a model like the Belly Armor SmartNova monitor. But it's currently sold out and being upgraded.

D-Link Full HD Pan & Tilt WiFi Security Camera

How to use your Baby Monitor more safely...

If you must go with a wireless model, make sure it has voice activation. That's key. It only transmits radiation intermittently when the baby makes noise. This reduces microwave radiation for everyone in the home.

Wireless = not secure

There's another reason you don't want to use a wireless baby monitor:  WiFi transmissions are prone to hackers. The Internet connection and smartphone capability make these devices easy and ideal for hacking - and it's happening more and more. In fact, in November of 2016, a Washington couple were alarmed to discover that a stranger had hacked into their Foscam baby monitor and was spying on their toddler, sometimes screaming profanities at the baby. The hacker was using the night-vision lens controls to follow the parent's movements, narrating them to the baby i.e "oh look, daddy is walking into the room!" How creepy and utterly gross and invasive! A masked invader inside your most vulnerable room in the house - the nursery. In reality, the hacker was probably just using a laptop or smartphone app. Unfortunately, it's that easy.

No matter what system you use:

  • Place the baby monitor at least 10 feet away from the crib. We've done some measurements ourselves and even we wouldn't go more than 10 feet away from them; we are grown, adults! Baby monitors are just notoriously strong for EMF. See August's video. If the baby monitor has a plug rather than batteries, ensure that the adapter is plugged in at least 6-10 feet away from the crib.

If you must use a wireless monitor, make sure:

  • Make sure it's voice-activated.
  • Buy a secure device. There's plenty of consumer reports on security/privacy ratings of these devices.
  • Use a strong password and change it every six months.
  • Register your product and update software and applications regularly.
  • Just like all wireless devices, our favorite TechWellness advice is to turn devices off when you are not using them! Only use monitors during naptime.

Don't fret. We found a couple that are amazing and WORK!

The Babymoov Baby Monitor is the only one we know of right now that emits NO EMF's. Not only that, it has tons of great settings that allow you to monitor your bundle of joy. 

Another one, the Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor--it's an attachable device and it detects the movements of your baby. And of course, without the harmful energy. We got your back. 

To all the wonderful mommies, soon to be mommies, are those who are in the childcare industry; here's to keeping your bundles of joy happy, healthy, and safe. 

XO Tech Wellness Tribe

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