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Sky Burger

 11. Sky Burger


sky burger download free, no wifi game

Ages 7+ 

Sky burger is a fast paced game suggested for players 4 and above. We think that this game is slightly advanced for players this young but would be perfect for players 7 and above. This app gives players a recipe and they have to catch all the falling items to build the burger. The quicker players are able to do this, the higher percentage “tip” they receive upon completing the order. It’s all in good fun, but a little secondary benefit is that it teaches players about the connection between quality of service provided (get that order out fast and correct!) and percentage tipped.

More burger recipes, characters, and ingredients are available for in-app purchase, but you wont be bothered by this is the phone is disconnected.

This is a great app with fun graphics and creative animation, but becomes repetitive after 15-20 minutes, which we think is a plus as game time can be more readily limited to a maximum or 20 minutes. The background is a charming cityscape and the customizable characters always congratulate players on their completion of levels.

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sky burger iPhone download for free Sky burger free download, wifi free game android

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