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Stack Ball

16. Stack Ball 


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Age 8+

Stack ball hit is a stress relieving game suggested in the app store for players older than 4. Considering this is a challenging game, younger players may get discouraged- this game is a perfect option for kids 8 and above. Players must match the color of a bouncing ball to rotating bricks in order to break through the bricks. The faster players crash through the bricks the more points they receive. This colorful game is not WiFi dependent and in-app purchases are not an issue even when the device is connected to the Internet. We encourage connecting to the internet with a wired connection—anytime for safe and fast play. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to wire any device!  

We love this game because it is simple and entertaining for all ages. The combination of the bouncing ball and rotating target create an inherent challenge for the player, which increases as you level up. The bright colors will keep you engaged and excited which is crucial, as the game can get old after 20 to 30 minutes, which is a great as the amount time spent on a device. Gaming, scrolling, texting or watching videos can lead to depression and anxiety for kids, teens and adults. Check out this story on cell phone distraction.   

 TECH WELLNESS TIP Wondering when to get your kid a cellphone? Check out all the safe ways to wire your device! Make sure to get airtube wired headsets to use with any phone or tablet to protect yourself from EMF. 

wire up your device

Download Here: 

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