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Transform your Tech Use To Be More Mindful and Life-Giving

As we're all navigating this health alert together, it's more important than ever that we maintain a healthy relationship with our phones and all our devices. If you're waking up and instantly turning to technology for the latest news and feeling anxious and afraid, that's a signal that it may be time to turn them off-- or turn to something inspirational, or FaceTime a loved one! This is a great opportunity to detox from unhealthy, mindless use of technology, and make sure we're using it in ways that are life-giving instead.

One of my very first Tech Wellness Ways was "Your phone was designed to make life better and easier, when it stops feeling that way, put it down." During this time of social distancing, it may feel like technology is unavoidable - but how about we use it to bring us closer to and encourage the people we love. 

Need some ideas? Today I'm having tea with Lori Woodley, the magical founder of the teen leadership program, All It Takes. We'll be face-timing and catching up. My daughter has weekly dinner parties in NYC and they haven't stopped just because they can't meet in her apartment - instead everyone grabs dinner and goes on Zoom. It's beautiful. As a family, we've been connecting and having fun by playing games online. You could even try streaming a live workout or bringing some friends together for a weekly online book club!


Also, a fellow member of the Digital Wellness Collective, Teordora Pavkovic  sent out a delightful list of things to do online, like taking a tour or a museum or national park, streaming a broadway show, or listening to free audio books from the NYC Public Library.
Thanks to Teordora, Common Sense Media, Beat COVID-19 NYC and some of our own research, I've compiled a list below, but please feel free to add any other fun online ideas to the comments section.

Enjoy the List and Remember these Healthy Tech Use Tips:

  • Maintain a Healthy Distance From Your Device.  For Both the Blue Light Exposure and For the Electromagnetic Fields.  Both Dissipate The Further You Get Away From Your Phone Or Laptop.

Try a putting using a phone stand- great for distance and Tech-Neck

  • Turn of WiFi Anytime You're Not Using It To Decrease EMF In Your Home

We love the WiFi Kill Switch to Shut Off the WiFi safely

Dave Asprey and August Brice sporting their Blue Blocking Glasses at an Evening Event.

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In Person Events 

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Reset Summer Camp

United States

This digital detox program creates space between addicted gamers and their devices. Reset Summer Camp provides a clinical program partnered with a fun summer camp. Campers partake in solo and group therapy. The summer camps are located at various universities across the U.S. The two week program is $4,250 and the 4 week session is $7,850. Dates vary per location.


Free Forest School Digital Wellness Events

This family friendly group allows families and young children (0-6) to meet up once a week. They play together in nature, have a snack, take a walk, and finish off with circle time. This allows the kids to build confidence about being in nature and allows families some much-needed unplugged time. There are locations for this event all over the U.S as well as a wide range of other countries, check out the website to find your nearest chapter. This is free to all.


America Offline- Overnight Experiences Teen Camp

Loma Mar, California

This 3 day 2 night program teaches boys ages 14-18 the importance of digital mindfulness, a plethora of offline games, and the implementation of being self-aware. Kids are much more likely to maintain spending time offline if they have family and friends who do the same. The boys will be placed in cabins which serve as their teams when competing in a variety of athletic competitions. This retreat is located in Loma Mar, California and starts at a price of $695.



Protecting Privacy Online Events

Technology and Heath, EMF, 5G Courses and Events

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