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Apple Watch EMF Radiation. Is it Safe?

Is EMF radiation coming from your Apple Watch? 

Absolutely. The Apple watch is one of the most connected devices you can wear, connected via cell signal, Bluetooth, WiFi.

Something to consider when using wearables, like the Apple Watch, is that they are constantly touching your body. Or your lovely wrist.  With all that wireless energy or EMF (electromagnetic field), radiation exposure is pretty much at a constant rate.

As we've said to the Tech Wellness tribe for years, distance is your friend when it comes to the wireless waves of EMF radiation coming from all of our wireless devices.  If you're ready to dive in deep to information about EMF radiation, please see our extensive Guide -

The ONLY Way to know EMF radiation is there- that it's happening, that the invisible waves are in fact touching your body, is with and EMF meter.  This one the absolute finest- Calibrated, Certified- and if you ask me, worth the price  because it does it all- See The Amount of EMF Radiation AND Colored Lights from Green To Red- letting you know if you're getting a Slight To Extreme amount of radiation.

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Since I'm especially sensitive to wireless radiation, I have always recommended keeping cellphones out of your hands and pockets.   But, did you know that even the state of California advises keeping your smartphone away from your body?   So, it follows that putting an Apple watch, with the same functionality of a smartphone, directly against your body, is not a smart thing to do because we are absorbing the absolute maximum amount of radiation.

We know that RF radiation exposure in the near-field drops nicely when we are around 8 to 10 inches away from our smartphones. So, if you're using an Apple Watch with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, your body is way too close a source of RF radiation and is being exposed to this man made electromagnetic radiation in an intense and direct way.

Check out  the video to see the Apple watch emitting radiation in action!  Watch as I detect radiation from the Apple Watch and  compare it to radiation coming from the iPhone.

So many people are in LOVE with their Apple watch! I get it.  The ease and connectivity are awesome; but Tech Wellness wonders if the risks may simply not be worth the convenience. Because of researching wireless radiation for many years now, I know the impact that significant exposure to EMF radiation can have on health and well-being.

Wireless EMF Energy vs. Body Energy

I've been doing EMF measurement videos on cell phones and mobile phones since 2000 because I wanted to show people the "energy waves" that can't be seen, felt or touched. In many of the videos, I talk about my belief that the energy coming from smartphones and Bluetooth speakers, is interfering with my body's energy--and it does not feel good. Think of it as a plume of invisible smoke. It's wafting from every wireless device and the closer you get to it, the more it's affecting your beautiful body.

Just One More Environmental Toxin For Your Body To Deal With

That's how I like to define it: a tech toxin.  My health/life journey has brought me to a place where I now have organics in my pantry and fridge, no plastic or foil in the drawers, natural, toxin-free items in my cleaning cupboard, a reverse osmosis/alkalizing filter for my drinking water and natural fabrics throughout my home and closet. I work out--walk outside barefoot everyday for natural grounding and joy(!), I meditate and have Jin Shin energy work often. 

And- I keep a meter handy so I can measure and detect the invisible wireless waves in my environment.  This meter is a nice option.  It's our least expensive machine to detect radiation with accuracy and it's very simple to read and to operate.


best emf meter cheap



Here's another way to think about it. Since were electrical in nature —we can make a connection between how man-made EMF radiation might possibly be messing with our bodies by interfering with our natural bio-electromagnetic functions.

The level of ambient EMF exposure is growing daily. As Swedish scientist, Olle Johansson states in the film Generation Zapped, "We are exposed to 1 quintillion times the radiation that we were just 10 years ago.  (That’s a 1, followed by 18 zeroes!)."

That's another reason to advocate for the Precautionary Principle. Basically, this means that, because there’s research, lots of it actually, saying the energy that powers our cellphones– RF radiation– could be causing health concerns-including tumors and cancer, then we ought to take care when using our cell phones -and all devices that emit RF-and use them mindfully.

Max radiation Baby, We've Got Solutions.

 TECH WELLNESS TIP Ditch the Wireless Watch As Much As You Can.  Less is Best.  If you're using it as Fitness Tracker, Try this One That Let's You Disable Bluetooth. We link to it in our Shop Section.



 TECH WELLNESS TIP Carry Your Phone in Faraday that prevents ALL Wireless energy or carry it in case that let's you get some distance from it. Stay clear of so called- Anti Radiation or EMF Protection Cases and Anti-radiation chips.  The FCC warns they're scams and I don't use or recommend them either.  Try one of these options instead:

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Without the Apple Watch (and other wireless exposure) You May Feel Better

Have You noticed any of the following  Electro-sensitivity and EMF+RF Radiation Symptoms?
  • Chronic headaches
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Feeling stressed or "wired"
  • Trouble sleeping through the night
  • Tingling skin sensations
  • Buzzing or static feeling in the brain
  • Ringing ears
  • Unexplained rashes or hives
  • Body pain
  • Weakened immunity
  • Hormonal imbalances that don't respond to treatment

If you wear an Apple Watch or Fitbit and notice any of these symptoms, you may want to try an easy self-evaluation. Try going without wearing it and avoiding contact with other wireless devices. If you feel better or symptoms improve, you may want to consider re-thinking the inclusion of a wireless wearable in your daily routine.

If you do notice Fitbit radiation symptoms and you're interested in EMF protection or in getting a meter of your own, see the Body collection in our Tech Wellness store.  We offer only items we actually use--and love. 

Also, I'm really excited our team found a  Fitness tracker with bluetooth that you can turn off. So you can track steps, heart rate, distance and more, without radiation!  We think it's a great Fitbit alternative.


And what about serious diseases like cancer?

Apple Watch. The Background On EMF Radiation

 I started looking into the “energy effect” over 25 years ago, simply trying to identify what I was feeling. At about the same time, major research on the topic was underway. To date, the Wireless Technology Research or WTR remains the most seminal work on the topic of adverse health effects and cell phone use.

The WTR was founded in 1993 by CTIA, and back then the acronym stood for US Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, but now this trade organization just goes by CTIA and represents the U.S, wireless communications industry.

EMF Radiation and Cancer: Dr. George Carlo headed this research project which resulted in the findings of genetic damage to human blood; increased risk of brain neuroepithelial tumors in those who use cell phones on the side of the head where their tumors were found; increased risk of acoustic neuroma with increasing minutes of phone use. Other research around the world followed and then in 2011, the World Health Organization classified RF exposed as a Group 2B possible carcinogen. This was big news, in fact, I did a video recap of it back then to explain what that means:

I've been doing EMF measurement videos on cell phones and mobile phones since 2000 because I wanted to show people the "energy waves" that can't be seen, felt or touched. In many of the videos, I talk about my belief that the energy coming from this Smartphone or this Bluetooth speaker, negatively affects the energy of my body or that I feel this energy isn't interacting with my bodies energy in a good way.

Since were electrical in nature and we now know our brains respond to the fields of energy—we can make the connection between how man-made EMFs might possibly be messing with our bodies by interfering with our natural bio-electromagnetic functions.

Because Radio Frequency or RF energy power has come on strong in the last 35 years and is increasingly used in more areas of our life every single day, our main focus is reducing your exposure from wireless sources.

We advocate what’s referred to as the Precautionary Principle. Basically, this means that because there’s so much research saying the energy that powers our cellphones– RF radiation– could be causing health concerns-including tumors and cancer, then we ought to take care when using our cell phones - and all devices that emit RF-and use them mindfully.

  •  Known Health Effects. For years we've seen study after study showing how wireless energy can affect our health. I personally know it affects me—I get headaches, anxiety, and tingling. Research points to possible effects that range from infertility to cancer (in some cases and for some people). If you start digging into, you'll quickly find that the news is pretty scary--frankly, I don't like to think about it.
  • Reported symptoms of exposure to wireless energy, provided by Dr. Ronald Powell :  A study of 400+people, shows sleep disruption, headaches, ringing or buzzing in the ears, fatigue, loss of concentration as well as memory and learning ability, and dizziness and disorientation at the top of the symptom list.
  • Epidemiologist, Tech Wellness Expert and author, Dr. George Carlo has been studying this type of EMF- RF(radio frequency energy) for decades and he tells us,   "The health effects aspect is complicated. There is now no doubt scientifically that radio waves carrying information trigger some type of biological response in almost everyone exposed. However, what happens after the triggering is variable. For some people, the triggering causes debilitating biological cascades that manifest as EHS, other symptoms and frankly, disease."
  • Millions of people rely on Wikipedia for every imaginable kind of information--but in the case of EHS-- Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) they are doing the people who have it a big dis-service. Here's what they claim:  "it's a claimed sensitivity to electromagnetic fields to which negative symptoms are attributed. EHS has no scientific basis and is not a recognized medical diagnosis. 

  • Research Studies. Tech Wellness has curated and included hundreds of studies reporting biological effects from exposure to RF radiation. Here's one example:  A European study from 2015 showed that heavy cellphone use for over ten years correlated to a double risk of brain cancer, and even more alarming, kids who begin using cell phones as teenagers had a four to five times higher chance of being diagnosed with brain cancer.
  • How the Heck Did this Happen? How did we get to the point where cellphones are everywhere and wireless energy now blankets the world without doing all the research first? We should've known the potential hazards before putting the devices on the market.
  • Our Public Policy and Science Expert, Dr. George Carlo explains how the cell phone industry was able to get this technology to market before it was properly tested. His book, Cellphones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age details industry corruption and how research about health impacts has been suppressed for years.

      So, when it comes to Wireless RF, is there a safe level?

    • Tech Wellness is your trusted resource. Our research section is a good place to start if you’re really curious about what scientists are finding out about our beautiful bodies and wireless energy.
    • Also, the makers of the cellphones and watches we love to use reference RF energy and safe distance levels in their manuals. Our research section has links to the iPhone 8, MacBook, Apple Watch And Samsung manuals. Here's a sample, “During testing, Apple Watch radios are set to their highest transmission levels and placed in positions that simulate use against the head, with 10mm separation, and on the wrist with no separation. When placing the Apple Watch near your face, keep at least 10mm of separation to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as-tested levels.” Apple advises that the watch stay 1/2 an inch away from your face so levels don't go above the "tested" levels. Hmmmmm... 
    • Here's more of what Apple has to say from the Apple website:
      • Apple Watch has been tested and meets applicable limits for radio frequency (RF) exposure. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) refers to the rate at which the body absorbs RF energy. SAR limits depend on whether Apple Watch is used against the head or on the wrist. In some countries, the SAR limit is 1.6 watts per kilogram averaged over 1 gram of tissue for use against the head and 4.0 watts per kilogram averaged over 10 grams of tissue for use on the wrist. In other countries, the SAR limit is 2.0 watts per kilogram averaged over 10 grams of tissue for use against the head and 4.0 watts per kilogram averaged over 10 grams of tissue for use on the wrist. During testing, Apple Watch radios are set to their highest transmission levels and placed in positions that simulate use against the head, with 10 mm separation, and on the wrist, with no separation. When placing Apple Watch near your face, keep at least 10 mm of separation to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as-tested levels. Although this device has been tested to determine SAR in each band of operation, not all bands are available in all areas. Bands are dependent on your service provider’s wireless networks.
    • One of the largest European telecom providers put a warning in their recent manual for their WiFi router: "Avoid placing your Speedport router in immediate proximity to bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms (means also common rooms or lounges) in order to keep the exposure to electromagnetic fields as low as possible."
    • At Tech Wellness, we believe the least amount of exposure is the safest. For expert analysis of How Much RF Radiation exposure is too much-look here!
    At Tech Wellness, We’re Using Our Meters to measure wireless devices. Our meters measure levels of power density of the electromagnetic waves, not biological effects. We use the meters to visualize the wireless energy so that we are aware that we are being exposed.
    • Being EHS, I take good care of myself—but I need to be mindful of the power density level of the wireless RF energy and the amount of time I'm exposed because EMR is like a pollutant, allergen, or toxin to my body and I sometimes begin to feel symptoms. 
    • Are you sensitive to wireless energy? Dr. Carlo explains, "Some people are being adversely effected but don't know it because they confuse common symptoms like headaches, anxiety, being short-tempered, dizziness, sleep problems, weight-gain, and low energy with other things in life and don't connect it to wireless devices and the infrastructure. Still other people have developed adaptive responses so they are not functionally impaired at all. It's important for people to become informed so that they can figure out where they fit and then take steps accordingly."
    • Like with any environmental assault, a healthy immune system helps. Dr. Carlo points out "It's not possible to eliminate all of the RF that is around us; it is always a race between damage and compensation. One thing that advances compensation is a healthy lifestyle and exercise."

     DNA is the genetic material that makes us who we are and defines how our bodies operate. Mutations in DNA are believed to be an initial step in the creation of cancer cells in the body.
    Another review of 16 studies done over a period of time concluded that risk of developing a brain tumor on the same side of the head as our typical cell phone use was increased nearly 2.5 times.
    Yet another study conducted in Israel determined that cell phone users who were using their phone more than 20 hours a month had nearly double the chance of developing cancers in the salivary gland.

    If you want to detect the RF wireless energy in your life, here's a simple easy meter to make sure you and your home are at safe levels. It's FUN, it's INTERESTING and it's very HELPFUL for avoiding it.

    inexpensive radiation meter

    Tech Wellness only sell meters that are CALIBRATED, so you can be sure they are accurate!


    Meters don't measure SAR, they measure the Power Density of the Radio Frequency Waves.  SAR is the amount of energy (measured in heat) that the body absorbs. 

    In case you're interested, here are the SAR levels for various Apple Watches:

    Model A1860

    1.6 W/kg (over 1 g) SAR Limit
    Head: 0.53

    4.0 W/kg (over 10 g) SAR Limit
    Wrist: 0.18

    Model A1889

    1.6 W/kg (over 1 g) SAR Limit
    Head: 0.29

    4.0 W/kg (over 10 g) SAR Limit
    Wrist: 0.15

    Model A1890

    1.6 W/kg (over 1 g) SAR Limit
    Head: 0.16

    4.0 W/kg (over 10 g) SAR Limit
    Wrist: 0.14

    Model A1861

    1.6 W/kg (over 1 g) SAR Limit
    Head: 0.52

    4.0 W/kg (over 10 g) SAR Limit
    Wrist: 0.34

    Model A1891

    Model A1858

    1.6 W/kg (over 1 g) SAR Limit
    Head: 0.35

    1.6 W/kg (over 1 g) SAR Limit
    Head: 0.17

    4.0 W/kg (over 10 g) SAR Limit
    Wrist: 0.034

    Model A1859

    1.6 W/kg (over 1 g) SAR Limit
    Head: 0.11

    4.0 W/kg (over 10 g) SAR Limit
    Wrist: 0.023


    What can you do about Apple Watch radiation? As we mentioned earlier, go ahead and try the symptom test.  If you notice any of the RF radiation exposure sensitivity symptoms, please try removing the Apple Watch and see if that helps.

    If you're concerned about the results of research studies on EMF exposure and health effects, avoid using the Apple Watch as much as possible. 

    I can tell you for certain that I would never wear an Apple Watch, a Fitbit or any other wearable.

    I protect myself from wireless radiation by using all the tips I talked about earlier and by using my favorite No-Radiation headphones,  as well as keeping the WiFi at the office off as much as possible, by conveniently turning it off with a WiFi Switch

    How do I wire my compter iphone and tablet?

    Our home is completely wired.  All of our computers are wired and we have adapters throughout the house that allow us to hard wire to our phones, laptops and tablets.  I love it and most people don't mind not having access to WiFi when they visit.

    So avoiding EMF--all types but especially wireless EMF radiation, is something I strive to do daily. In fact, I carry my phone is this Faraday Bag

    emf protection purse

    If you'd like to know more, check out all of our topics or drop us an email at  and

    Be Well!!


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    • All for going WIRED when possible,

      for security reasons possible EMF exposure

      Saying that you went wired and have shooting pains up “one arm” sounds more like an orthopedic issue than an irradiation issue. One is endemic, the other – completely external.

      cite some sources… ANY SOURCES PLEASE.
    • I am sooooo tired of “experts” advising everyone to hardwire their EMF emitting devices. In 2002, I was exposed to EMF on my hardwired computer … it all began with that “pins and needles” sensation travelling up my arm … and the rest is history. I am extremely sensitive to EMF emitting devices, including hardwired devices. The point is this. Even hardwired devices do NOT protect you from EMF. No amount of toxic EMF is safe. Shielding is a double edged sword. Education. Demand Safe Tech. Sunlight. Structured Water. Barefoot. The Eden Method. Sound. Minimize blue light. Oxygenate (yoga). Discharge (POCA acupuncture). Forest Bathing (phytochemicals).

    • Wouldn’t putting the Apple watch in airplane mode solve the problem?

    • Hi Walter, If you’re detecting uT that’s a micro-tesla which is a measurement of magnetic energy. In this post and in the video we’re using a meter that detects RF radiation, which is a high frequency wave vs magnetic fields. Our focus at Tech Wellness is RF radiation, simply because with all of our smart devices, there’s so much more of that energy-just about everywhere. We talk a bit about magnetic energy here:

    • I have a smartwatch from a visit to China, the top of Watch measures only 10 UT but the back of the watch that sits on your wrist when powered on measures 859 UT. Is this more than the recommended amount.

      Walter H

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