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decrease radiation while flying

EMF Goes Sky High: Travel Tips to Decrease Radiation Plus Airport TSA Pat Down Demo

Let’s talk about flying radiation.  Not radiation that's flying, but specifically, airplane radiation.  Flying anywhere practically anytime is si...
Pintrest privacy breech

How A Man (Finally!) Found Out Pinterest Is The Way To A Woman's Heart

This could be the best love story of the year so far! When someone tweeted recently, wondering "Is Pinterest still around? I've never figured out w...
WiFi Radiation

Is My WiFi Safe? What's A Safe Distance To Avoid EMF Radiation? Most Asked EMF Protection Questions

Is There a Safe WiFi Exposure Level?

For me, the less the better. Being electromagnetic sensitive (EHS) I feel best when peak levels in my environment are below 1. Micro-Watts per square centimeter. What does that mean? What is WiFi energy exactly?  Its the same energy that comes from . . .

healthy iPhone usage

Dear iPhone...

Dear iPhone, It’s not me, it’s you. But it’s kind of me too… but it’s also your fault! I think it would be best if we had some space. You’ve got m...
healthy microwaving

A Healthy Approach To Microwaving

Did you know... ...That it's important to make your microwave usage as safe as possible?. Now, I know that some of you reading this probably feel ...
ECOS Is Your Next Product Obsession

ECOS Is Your Next Product Obsession

Tech Wellness DO: Avoid EMF's and avoid toxins.  We talk about the potential danger of getting too much exposure to potentially damaging electromag...
in home AI

The New Homepod Is More Of A "Homie" When It Comes To Privacy

HomePod - An Awesome Speaker That Lets Siri Dim Lights Using Apple's HomePod with Apple's HomeKit, your lovely voice to will soon be able to contr...
google privacy issues

Have No Fear When It Comes To Typing An Embarrassing Question In Your Search Engine

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Bing want to make your business their business.  Your privacy is at stake. Hey, when you search for something on your...
keeping privacy to myself

Cortana, Thanks. But No Thanks. I'll Keep My Privacy to Myself

How to Turn Off Cortana: Hey, Cortana, don't invade my privacy So many people tell me that Cortana is driving them crazy.  Bing, Cortana and Mic...
#airplanemode live well with wireless emf

15 Simple and Mindful Ways to Hack Wireless Energy for Wellness

15 Easy Ways to Live Well with Wireless Our fun, fabulous wireless devices are bringing wireless EMF right along with them. And that wireless energ...
safer selfies

Cell Phone, We May Need Some Distance.

Inspired By JOY OF MOM; Vicki's Live Facebook Steams. Must Watch & Become Apart of Her Community! As FaceTimer myself--often from my iPhone--I...
block microphone on laptops

Spy No More! How To Turn Off and BLOCK Microphone on Laptops and iPhone and Cover Webcams

They Just Want to Know YOU Seems like every week there’s another story about privacy and how someone wants to invade it.  Perhaps you heard about ...

More Tech Wellness Topics