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EMF protection

No Longer Let EMF Zap You Mid Squat

EMF FREE Makes you STRONGER. IT'S TRUE! No EMF's means your body has more energy for a great work out!  EMF energy coming from phones and WiFi inte...
is your search engine sharing your data?

Cyber Security & Search Engine, You're On 'The Hot Seat'!

Who Doesn't Love Spotlight? I’ve always loved the Search feature on the Mac's with the little magnifying glass up in the corner. It truly is a lov...
is wifi safe?

Is WiFi Safe?

Is your WiFi dangerous?
Power off Windows 10 Cortana

Here's How To Power Off Windows 10 Cortana & Why You Should

Your new PC may be more intrusive than ever Windows 10 has gotten a horrible rap, and for good reason. The layout is really wacky and looks more li...
AI toys

IoT & Toys Containing Private Voice Recordings (Can We Say, Creepy?)

Internet of Things is becoming more problematic When it comes to the Internet of Things or IoT (especially with toys), it seems people will never l...
stop get rid of dropbox

Push Dropbox's Nosey-Self Out Of Your Computer Biz

DropBox Is Allowed to Do WHAT?! Take control of your computer.  Yes.  If you have Dropbox, check Privacy in your System Preferences: We're all abou...
google vault

Why You Need To Know About Google Vault, As Told By Our Employees' Reactions

Your Digital Privacy at work may be compromised! Google Vault: It's a wide open look at how everything we type onto the Gmail sever or Facebook or ...
EMF RF Radiation Guidelines for Wellness

EMF Radiation. The Symptoms. The Protection. A Wellness Guide to Wireless

You can't see it, touch it or smell it.  But chances are there's invisible radiation of the man-made variety- floating in your space right now.  N...
ethernet cables

Here's The Ranking's For EVERY Privacy Policy for Streaming Media Devices

The Medium is the Message As troubles in the economy churn on, people are changing the way they watch TV these days. Per usual, convenience and cos...
TVs watching you

Your Digital Privacy Is Violated For Lots Of Dough, With Vizio: Here's How To Stop It

Sneaky Digital privacy policy fined by the FTC Breaking digital privacy news: Your SmartTV has been spying on you without consent for two years and...
Should I get my kid a cellphone?

Kids and Cellphones: When Should My Child Get A Phone? Parents Guide

Is Your Child Ready for a Cellphone?   From Cyber issues to Social Media FOMO to plain old distraction, there are many things to think about when y...
google vault saves info

Google Vault Hangs On Your Every Word & Not In A Romantic Way. Gmail Privacy

Google Vault is a an email Privacy issue no one is talking about.  Is your company email, Gmail?  If email privacy matters to you, you're gonna wa...

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