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keeping privacy to myself

Cortana, Thanks. But No Thanks. I'll Keep My Privacy to Myself

How to Turn Off Cortana: Hey, Cortana, don't invade my privacy So many people tell me that Cortana is driving them crazy.  Bing, Cortana and Mic...
#airplanemode live well with wireless emf

15 Simple and Mindful Ways to Hack Wireless Energy for Wellness

15 Easy Ways to Live Well with Wireless Our fun, fabulous wireless devices are bringing wireless EMF right along with them. And that wireless energ...
safer selfies

Cell Phone, We May Need Some Distance.

Inspired By JOY OF MOM; Vicki's Live Facebook Steams. Must Watch & Become Apart of Her Community! As FaceTimer myself--often from my iPhone--I...
block microphone on laptops

Spy No More! How To Turn Off and BLOCK Microphone on Laptops and iPhone and Cover Webcams

They Just Want to Know YOU Seems like every week there’s another story about privacy and how someone wants to invade it.  Perhaps you heard about ...
predictive keyboards

The Predicament With Predictive Keyboards

Predictive Keyboards Keyboard prediction means your texts are analyzed over time to create a customized, local "dictionary" of words/phrases/emojis...
keep social media private

5 Ways To Hush Your iPhone's Privacy Invasion

Being A Bit Stealth, May Be A Good Idea Our smartphones are super-smart when it comes to knowing where we are and what we're doing.  It is getting ...
Privacy: Apple iPhone AND Google Android? See How To KEEP THEM PRIVATE

Privacy: Apple iPhone AND Google Android? See How To KEEP THEM PRIVATE

Like it or not, your phone is an extension of you and consumers are divided over their allegiances to their device company. Self-described "techie...
limit EMF in your life

60 Minutes Brain Hacking: Retrain Your Brain Prevent Human Downgrading and Smart Phone Addiction

Smartphones: The Newest Drug If you or someone you know or love just can’t put that phone down — there’s a good reason. 60 Minutes journalist Ander...
is digital privacy a right

Is it Time To Speak Up? Your Right to Digital Privacy vs. Congress

Politics, Policy & Your Browsing History As we reported last week, the House voted to overturn an act intended to protect your consumer privac...
customized emojis

The Big Whoop On Emojis & What This Means For Privacy

July 2017: The Emoji Movie. IMDB says it's about a "multi-expressional" emoji striving to become a normal emoji.  Yes, emoji's have come a long way...
is your employer reading your email

Your Internet "Beef" Is Now Contributing to a $83 Billion Dollar Biz.

Your Digital Privacy: Squashed It's been a sad day in politics for your privacy rights. We were hoping this wasn't going to happen. As of March 28,...
EMF protection

No Longer Let EMF Zap You Mid Squat

EMF FREE Makes you STRONGER. IT'S TRUE! No EMF's means your body has more energy for a great work out!  EMF energy coming from phones and WiFi inte...

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