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ethernet cables

Here's The Ranking's For EVERY Privacy Policy for Streaming Media Devices

The Medium is the Message As troubles in the economy churn on, people are changing the way they watch TV these days. Per usual, convenience and cos...
TVs watching you

Your Digital Privacy Is Violated For Lots Of Dough, With Vizio: Here's How To Stop It

Sneaky Digital privacy policy fined by the FTC Breaking digital privacy news: Your SmartTV has been spying on you without consent for two years and...
Should I get my kid a cellphone?

Kids and Cellphones: When Should My Child Get A Phone? Parents Guide

Is Your Child Ready for a Cellphone?   From Cyber issues to Social Media FOMO to plain old distraction, there are many things to think about when y...
google vault saves info

Google Vault Hangs On Your Every Word & Not In A Romantic Way. Gmail Privacy

Google Vault is a an email Privacy issue no one is talking about.  Is your company email, Gmail?  If email privacy matters to you, you're gonna wa...

Block Creepers From Creeping With Creepblockers

If you saw Snowden or listened to Obama or even Trump, you know this all too well!  It's way-way crazy that this has to be a cybersecurity worry, b...
Cellphone Crossbody-  EMF Protection From Your Smartphone's Radiation

Cellphone Crossbody- EMF Protection From Your Smartphone's Radiation

More Happiness and Health With a Little Distance With The Best Cellphone Crossbody There's no doubt about it. People love, love, love their cell ph...
family tree privacy policy

Why Opting Out of Family Tree is a Legitimate Reason

Here’s how to opt out of Family Tree Now using their privacy policy: 1. Enable cookies 2. Go to the bottom of home page. Click "P...
RF free living

Hear The EMF's Speak For Themselves

See how a simple can make your home a bit more Radio Frequency (RF) free. This video shows the amount of RF with and without the WiFi router radiat...
privacy and cookies

No More Cookies For Us (But We Can Still Have The Yummy Kind, Phew!)

Lots of details below and a Step-by-Step guide! Privacy and Cookies Cyber Security, it's a hot topic here at Tech Wellness, and those cookies, they...
privacy from google, bing, and yahoo

Privacy: How To Stop Google, Bing and Yahoo From Looking Over Your Shoulder

Cyber Security Easy Basic Most of us do one thing on our devices that tells so much about us-- what we're thinking, reading, want, need—and we do i...
block hackers

Hacker, No Hacking!

Your digital privacy and cybersecurity are at risk! Since 2016, there has been an ongoing campaign to fraudulently obtain access (or "hack") to you...
Change iPhone name for privacy

Tip: How to Change the Name of Your iPhone for Privacy

 The Quick, Fun Fix To Get Your Privacy Back How To Go Stealth On Your iPhone. It's super easy.  Touch Settings>General>About>Name. Then,...

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