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Cellphone Crossbody-  EMF Protection From Your Smartphone's Radiation

Cellphone Crossbody- EMF Protection From Your Smartphone's Radiation

More Happiness and Health With a Little Distance With The Best Cellphone Crossbody There's no doubt about it. People love, love, love their cell ph...
family tree privacy policy

Why Opting Out of Family Free is a Legitimate Reason

Here’s how to opt out of Family Tree Now using their privacy policy: 1. Enable cookies 2. Go to the bottom of home page. Click "P...
RF free living

Hear The EMF's Speak For Themselves

See how a simple can make your home a bit more Radio Frequency (RF) free. This video shows the amount of RF with and without the WiFi router radiat...
privacy and cookies

No More Cookies For Us (But We Can Still Have The Yummy Kind, Phew!)

Lots of details below and a Step-by-Step guide! Privacy and Cookies Cyber Security, it's a hot topic here at Tech Wellness, and those cookies, they...
privacy from google, bing, and yahoo

Privacy: How To Stop Google, Bing and Yahoo From Looking Over Your Shoulder

Cyber Security Easy Basic Most of us do one thing on our devices that tells so much about us-- what we're thinking, reading, want, need—and we do i...
block hackers

Hacker, No Hacking!

Your digital privacy and cybersecurity are at risk! Since 2016, there has been an ongoing campaign to fraudulently obtain access (or "hack") to you...
Change iPhone name for privacy

Tip: How to Change the Name of Your iPhone for Privacy

 The Quick, Fun Fix To Get Your Privacy Back How To Go Stealth On Your iPhone. It's super easy.  Touch Settings>General>About>Name. Then,...
finding balance with technology

Balance With Technology Top 10 tips

Tyler Perry said, Don't let that phone in your pocket seep into your heart.  Preach! Top 10 steps to Health and Wellness in this technology-filled ...
family tree tracking

Your Internet Privacy Is At Risk: Fix It In A Snap!

Prepare to be SHOCKED Right after you read this article, go to and enter your name. You’ll be shocked at what you see! You, y...
privacy for iPhone users

Super Easy Privacy Options For iPhone Users

There are so many new privacy options for iOS. The most important one is dependent upon from whom you are seeking privacy/security. If you are seek...
What is EMF and Wireless Energy

What is an EMF? RF Wireless Energy made EASY and the Precautionary Principle

So, What is it?  Electromagnetic Frequencies (also known as EMF) come in many forms:  Mainly 3 types: Electric fields Magnetic fields Non-ionizin...

iCloud Has Been Phishin' For Your Digital Privacy

Since 2016, there has been an ongoing campaign to fraudulently obtain access to your iCloud account. Phishing refers to an email that attempts to ...

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