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NEWSFEED:  Privacy Edition April 12, 2019

NEWSFEED: Privacy Edition April 12, 2019

PRIVACY IS EVERYTHING. HERE'S THE GUIDE In the News This Week: "Alexa, listen to everything I say, even when I'm not talking to you, r...
Data Policy Transcript Instagram

Data Policy Transcript Instagram

Copy of emails to and from instagram regarding privacy policy and camera question March 29,2019 and March 31 Hi, Thanks for your question about t...
What Is Digital Dementia? How to Prevent Brain Fog and Other Effects of Technology

What Is Digital Dementia? How to Prevent Brain Fog and Other Effects of Technology

Spritzer focused on their reports of young adults coming in with complaints of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, forgetful, and suffering from constant brain fog
Blue Blocker Guide How Much Is ENOUGH

The Ultimate Blue Light Guide: Screens, Sleep, Glasses And Protection that Works!

What's the Big Deal About Blue Light? 10 Tops Ways to Crush Digital Blue Light From Screens and 9 Great Reasons Why You Want To Protect Your Eye...
SAR rating iPhone 8 Apple Watch 3 Samsung

A Breakdown to Your Smartphone RF Exposure & How to Work With It

We did some digging and found Apple’s legal disclosure on the RF exposure information for their iPhone 8, Apple Watch series 3, laptop, and iPad. T...
facebook shopping

Your Personal Data: The Facebook Marketplace Offer I Had To Refuse

all my customers information.  Now, I love my Shopify store that's attached to my Tech Wellness site. It's beautiful and makes it easy for my custo...
EMF Radiation Fertility Sperm Infertility

Is It Bad To Have A Cellphone In Your Pocket? A Laptop on Your Lap? If You're Worried about Sperm and Infertility, YES.

Men! Do you think about it? That Laptop On Your Lap, That Cellphone In Your Pocket . . . And Radiation? When that laptop with all it's warmth and W...
cellphone radiation exposure level safe

Safe Exposure Levels of EMF Radiation. What You Need To Know About Cellphones, WiFi, Smartmeters and All Things Wireless

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? Is there a "safe" level of EMF exposure? There's a lot of talk about wireless energy-especially the term EMF radiation ...
cellphone in bra

Breast Cancer Awareness and Cellphones in Your Bra. What You Need To Know

Doing everything we can to protect our breasts starts with awareness.  And, The National Breast Cancer Foundation has a Symptoms Guide that they w...
Was my Facebook hacked?

Was your Facebook hacked? Find out with one click!

Are you curious to find out if your Facebook account has been hacked? Do this: 1. Make sure you are logged into your account 2. Click Here You'll b...
Fastest iPhone ever!

Your iPhone and Smartphone Can Plug Into the Internet! Here's How Hard Wire for No EMF

EMF Protection and Fast Connection:  Here's how to wire your iPhone and tablets for No WiFi or Cell radiation!


How to disconnect : Easy Auto-Notification Do Not Disturb Settings

How to disconnect : Easy Auto-Notification Do Not Disturb Settings

Let's take a break from Technology. Did you know that your iPhone can handle your texts for you with a great Do Not Disturb message? Set your phone to auto reply and just relax. Not only is it good for your mental health, but it allows you to give yourself a little digital detox and some T.L.C.

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